Friday, June 5, 2009

Soulmates - the Perfect One

As you have learned from The Great Truth of Soulmates video, when our souls are created by our Heavenly Father, these souls are made male and female, though constituting only the one soul - two in one, the perfect one. And with their creation is bestowed upon them a love - not two loves, but only one - which is possessed equally by each part of the complete soul, and which will always remain one in its complete workings, although these two parts of the soul have to be, and are, separated in their incarnation in the human body.

This incarnation is for the purpose of giving the male and the female parts of the one soul a separate individuality, without severing or disuniting this love, which through all eternity binds together these two parts as one.

The soulmate love is the love for all eternity, and this great love which requires that at some stage in eternity these two parts of the one soul shall become one again, should be one of the most convincing proofs that all of us, sooner or later, will come into harmony with the will of the Father and with the laws creating such souls.

This soulmate love is the only love that can have a separate and individual existence in the Celestial Heavens, where the Divine Love exists to the exclusion of every other love save the soulmate love; and the more the spirits - the united two in one - possess the Divine Love, the greater will be their possession of this soulmate love.

Helen explains Divine Love, natural love, soulmate love and other loves.

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