Monday, June 8, 2009

Natural, Divine and Soulmate Loves

The natural love is one that is not understood by humanity in its most important particular. This love is not one that is sufficient to give us the highest degree of happiness which we may obtain in either the mortal life or in the life to come.

This love is of a nature that changes with the change in our ideas and desires, and has no stability that will serve to keep us constant in our affections. No one who has only this love can ever be in condition to say that we will continue to have this love for a longer time than the present; and when we think that our love can never change, or leave us, we are only giving thought to the wish.

But this love is one that may last for a long time, and sometimes it seems that it can never die or grow less; yet, in its very nature, it has not that constancy which insures its lasting longer than a moment of time.

The natural love is undoubtedly the greatest gift that the Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us, and without it, we would be in a very unhappy condition. It is the love which unites men and women in unity while on earth, and enables us to approach nearer to a life of happiness than does any other human quality; but still it has the danger always accompanying it, that sometime, in some way, it may cease to exist.

Yet, it is not the Great Love of the Father which we may receive, if we will only seek and strive to obtain it by prayer and faith.

The mother's love is the strongest of all loves given to us, and apparently it can never end or grow old, yet a time may come when that love will die or cease to retain all its vitality or beauty. It is said that love never dies; but that is not true as regards this natural love; and no one can say that their love of today will remain their love of a few years hence.

But there is a love that may be called the natural love that will last forever, providing these souls seek and obtain the Divine Love — and that is the love that God has implanted in two souls that he has designed to become one in spirit life.

This love is really not two loves, but one and the same love manifested in the two opposite sexes, and which is only a complete one when these two apparently independent souls come together in perfect unity. This is what is commonly called the love of soulmates, and which is that essence of spiritual love which makes the happiness of the two spirits of mortals seemingly complete. Yet, this love is not of a Divine nature, but merely the highest type of the natural love.

Helen explains Divine Love, Natural Love, Soulmate Love and other loves.

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