Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Soulmate Describes the New Birth

Be true to yourself, as I have told you, and you will soon be in God's Love and favor. Do not let worries or disappointments keep you from seeking His Love and believing that He is waiting to enfold you in His arms of mercy and Love for He is not only waiting but wants you to call on Him.

Do not let the thought that He is afar up in the Heavens cause you to think that He is not always near you anxiously waiting your call. He is not willing that one of His children should perish and, when they go astray, His great Heart of Love yearns for them to return and partake of His bounties and blessings.

You must try with all your heart to realize this truth, for it is a truth, and is the greatest truth taught us by Jesus, who is the greatest of all teachers.

Make your daily life one of prayer and aspirations, and you will see that what I have told you is not only true, but you can make it a part of yourself. You have only to let your desires turn toward God, and He will meet you more than half way, for He never sleeps or closes His ear to the supplications of His children, and those who have sought Him with an earnest and repentant wish and a longing desire of the soul know that He has always responded to their call.

You are now in the way to obtain these blessings, and I pray that you may continue, for you cannot find true happiness in any other way. This is what Jesus meant when he said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life," He knew that there was only one way to obtain the Father's Love, and that is through the New Birth, which is merely the flowing into the soul of man the Love of God to the extent of eradicating all desires and tastes for things which are not in harmony with God's laws and Love.

You must give your thoughts more to this vital consideration of the economy of God's being.

It is not a question of what church you belong to, or what particular faith you may have, or who your preacher may be, or to what duties you owe to the church, or to the ceremony of baptism according to the church's dogmas, but whether you have sought God in spirit and in truth and have received His favor and Love. This is an individual matter, and no man can be saved by the sufferings or progress of another.

Each soul is a complete unit, when joined with its mate, and the spiritual condition of each soul towards God determines what its place and happiness will be in the spirit world. So do not let the thought that it is necessary to believe in a special church dogma or any ceremony, keep you from seeking the New Birth. This is the fundamental principle that operates in the atonement of man with God, and all other doctrines are merely secondary, and need to be believed only as they may lead to a belief in this foundation.

I am writing at the dictation of your grandmother for she knows and I, of course, would not be able to write in this way of my own thoughts and experience. She says that you must try to get in condition so that the Master may write, and that which he shall say will show to mankind the everlasting truths of God's kingdom and laws, that she is a mere tyro [novice] in the knowledge and ability to explain God's truths that Jesus will teach you.

So try to become more spiritual, so that you may learn the wonderful teachings of God's Love and truth that he will give you.

You must stop writing now as you are tired and so am I. So love your own true Helen and pray to God for Love and spiritual enlightenment.


Helen describes her home in the Third Sphere.

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