Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perfect Fulfillment of Law of Attraction

There are various kinds of love existing between us, and also between us and spirits, each having its source in different conditions of fact and in varying causes; and of all these loves, only one is or can be the true and eternal one.

The love of husband and wife is a beautiful thing, and may exist during the life on earth and bring much happiness to its possessors even though that love is temporary, and, in the workings of the law of attraction in the spirit life, may entirely cease its existence and become forgotten.

And so will be the destiny of the paternal and maternal, and brotherly and sisterly love. All these are based upon causes or conditions that are merely temporary - that is, this love may last during a time and for a more or less longer period in eternity, but finally must end.

These loves are provisions of God which are necessary to enable us to work out our progress through the life in the way that will produce the greatest harmony and happiness among us as we contend with the difficulties, cares and disappointments of the earth life.

There is another provision of the Father's law, designed for our happiness, that causes the love arising from the human relationship to continue with the spirit so long as the object of that love continues in the flesh, and no matter what the progress of that spirit may be or what its attractions are, yet it continues to love the mortal during his/her earthly career, and to watch over and help him/her, and all this even though this love which once existed for other mortals in the same relationship, and who have passed to spirit life, may have ended and been forgotten.

This human love is subject to change and death, and those of earth life who console themselves with the thought that when they pass to spirit life they will meet their loved ones who have gone before, never to part again, will be disappointed, but not long distressed, for they will soon thereafter learn and experience the workings of the great law of attraction, and in that experience will be happy.

But there is another and differing love, not of the temporal but of the everlasting in its nature, and all humans have it, though probably unaware of the fact, but which at some period, and this may be for some time in eternity, they will become conscious of, and then never deprived of, for it is the perfect fulfillment of this law of attraction - the soulmate love.

It was born before any human appeared in the flesh, and was a part of the very soul's creation, and of which it could never be deprived, though so often does the soulmate love lie dormant in our souls and consciousness.

Helen explains Divine Love, natural love, soulmate love and other loves.

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