Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Soulmate Studies Spiritual Laws - Finds Soulmates, part one

I am here, Helen,

I am in my home in the Third Sphere still, but soon I hope that I will be with your mother who is waiting for me to come to her. She is trying all she can to help me, and she says that if you continue to pray as you did last night for me that I will soon be with her.

Most of my time when I am not with you is given to helping the spirits who do not know the way to God's love and the necessity for obtaining it in order to obtain perfect happiness.

I am also engaged in studying the laws pertaining to spirit intercourse with mortals, as I have told you. I find that a spirit can only communicate when it is in a condition of rapport with the mortal, and only then when certain conditions exist.

Even if a spirit is in rapport it cannot exercise any influence over the mortal unless the mortal is in a certain condition to receive that influence, so it is absolutely necessary for the mortal as well as the spirit to have these conditions around him in order to get the communications.

You and I have no difficulty because we are in the condition that enables us to communicate at all times, although sometimes the conditions are not as good as at other times.

I feel that you are not so close to me tonight as usual for some reason, and it doesn't make me very happy to feel so. Tell me what the trouble is that keeps you away from me, and I will try to remove it, if possible.

I see and I am sorry for I have tried my best to help you, and if I am not successful it is not because I did not try. I understand and I do not know what to say for I don't see how I can give any more convincing evidence.

I see what you mean, and I am sure that you will not have to feel that I am not your Helen on that account, though I am not infallible, and something might intervene to prevent the happening of what I have told you, but I do not see anything now and, consequently, I am quite sure that you will be relieved in the way that I say.

He meant just what he said, and you must believe him. He will surely see that you will want for nothing as he told you, so you have so many assurances that I don't see why you should worry.

Well, I am specially endowed with the power to find the soulmates of the spirits. I don't know why it is, but I am. So is your father. He first instructed me and I am now working with him in that regard.

You would be surprised to know the number of spirits here who have no conception of what a soulmate means. They seem to think that they have to remain all alone, until some day they may meet a spirit to whom they may become attached and live with.

So you see I am doing some good in that particular, for when they find their soulmates they become ever so much happier and seem to think that I am their best friend and special angel to guide them.

Yes, they could meet and not realize that they are soulmates. I don't understand how this is, but I know from observation that it is so. Some spirits are so in want of the power of observation that when their soulmates come to them they do not recognize them until some length of time has elapsed.

I remember one case where a bright spirit from the third plane came to her soulmate in the earth plane, and tried to make him understand that she was his soulmate, but was unable to succeed until after a long time, when he awoke to the fact that he should have a soulmate allotted to him, and even then she had to tell him that she was his soulmate. He did not seem to have any longing for a mate. He was so much engrossed with things of earth that he did not think of soulmates or anything else of that kind.

So you see the spirits who understand that they have soulmates are so much better off in the way of obtaining happiness than those who have no knowledge of that fact.

To be continued... )

Mrs. Helen Padgett is studying spiritual laws and spirit communication with mortals and describes work finding soulmates.

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