Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Various Experiences of Spirits When They Arrive in the Spirit World, part two

This work to me is one that is not only interesting, but which gives me the great happiness that comes with the realization that I have been the means of leading a spirit to learn to love God and to receive the happiness which the love of God gives to spirits. I tell you that this teaching is the grandest that I ever engaged in all my life.

When on earth as I taught and saw the young mind develop, I found much happiness in the knowledge that I was doing some good. But here, in my teachings, when I see a soul develop, I realize that I am doing a spirit that greatest of all good in bringing it at-one in love with the Father and happiness here and that of earth, as the soul development is so much greater than the development of the mere mind.

My work is not confined entirely to this teaching. I also am engaged in trying to assist mortals to a true conception of the life here - I mean the spiritual part of this life.

No man is entirely without spirit influence, whether good or evil. Many are susceptible to the influence of the evil spirits and, for that reason, the work of the good spirits is so much more difficult. There is in man's nature that which leads him to evil thoughts so much easier than to good thoughts. This is an old saying, I know, but is a true one, and the fact that it has been said so often and for so long a time does not decrease the importance of it as a truth.

So while men have felt this evil inclination in their nature, the fight between the good and evil influences will be somewhat unequal. The advantage though with the good influences is that what they suggest is truth which will never die, while the suggestions of the evil influences last only for a comparatively short time.

When the material gives up the spirit being which it clothes, that being will then be relieved of many of these natural tendencies to evil thoughts and deeds and, while this mere separation does not make a devil a saint, it makes it so much easier for the spirit to get rid of many of these evil tendencies and makes him more susceptible to the influence of truth and goodness.

You must not think from this as soon as they have been in the spirit world for a little time, they become good spirits, for that is not true. Many evil spirits have been in the spirit world for a great many years and, yet, have their evil thoughts and desires and all the evil qualities of hatred, malice, envy, etc., as when they were on earth.

Their giving up the earth life did not deprive them of their will, the greatest force or power that God gave to man, except that of love. And many of these spirits refuse to exercise their will in a way that will enable them to rid themselves of these evil thoughts and desires.

So you see, the mere fact of becoming a spirit does not mean that the mortal has become a good and saintly spirit. No, I am sorry to say that many men who were very evil on earth are still evil as spirits and their happiness, which they think they have, is only that happiness which they, as men, thought they realized from the exercise of evil thoughts and acts.

Yet, there is one great redeeming fact connected with their dark and sad condition and, that is, that in the end, whenever it so pleases God, all evil will be banished from the spirit world, and all spirits will be given that happiness which comes from a nature free from sin and error. Not by the fiat of God, but by men seeking and doing those things that will free the soul from sin and error and again come into harmony with God's laws. Just such I imagine as Adam and Eve enjoyed in the historical Garden of Eden.

But that happiness, while of a character that brings much contentment and peace, yet is not the true happiness which God is waiting to give all His children who ask and seek for the inflowing of the Divine Love in their souls.

I will not discourse on this great happiness tonight as it would take too long and you are somewhat tired, but will say that all men should seek for it both on earth and in the spirit world. When on earth I did not have it, but since I came here I found it and now possess it, thanks be to God and His loving kindness.

You folks all have it and many others too numerous to mention.

Let me stop now as I am tired and you need to rest. So with all my love and best wishes,

I am your old professor,
Joseph H. Salyards

Professor Salyards Describes Various Experiences of Spirits When They Arrive in the Spirit World.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Various Experiences of Spirits When They Arrive in the Spirit World, part one

I am here, Prof. Salyards.

Well, I am very happy and desire to write you on some phases of spirit life that I have observed in my experience of progressing.

I have noticed that the spirit, when it first comes into this life, is very often in a condition of darkness, not realizing where it is or what its surroundings are and, in many instances, it requires quite a long time for the spirit to realize that it is not still of earth.

But in many cases this is not the condition of the spirit, for it seems to have an immediate understanding of its condition and surroundings. I attribute the first mentioned condition to be due to the fact that, when on earth, the mortal had no definite belief as to what the future life might be and, in many instances, believed that the soul went into the grave with the body to await the great resurrection day.

Some of your religious denominations are preaching that doctrine now and, the consequence will be that all those who believe the doctrine will experience the condition of darkness and the want of knowledge of the continuity of life that I have spoken of.

The second class of spirits, or those who appear to realize immediately that they have passed from earth to spirit life are those who, while on earth, believed that the spirit when it left the body passed immediately into the Heavenly Spheres, or into the opposite - I mean the place of the wicked. I know that many of this class have hardly realized that they were in Heaven or Hell, for some little time after their entrance into spirit life.

Well, as soon as the spirits realize fully that they are no longer of earth, they commence to inquire as to where they are and many of them ask questions that indicate that they are disappointed in not realizing the expectations that they had while on earth.

It is very difficult at times to convince them that there are no such places as the Heavens and the Hells as taught by the churches, for while our spirit world may be a Heaven or Hell to them, yet the Heaven or Hell that they expect to find is not here.

Some, on the other hand, do not seem to understand that they have really left the earth, because they say if we had left the earth life, we would know nothing - quoting Job and some of the preachers: "the dead know nothing."

I have been very much interested in observing these different phases of the departed spirits' beliefs and thoughts. Now all this shows the absolute necessity of mortals understanding the truths pertaining to life and death.

This affords a very strong argument why Spiritualism should be more extensively and earnestly taught to mortals and why the false doctrines of those who teach either that the dead know nothing or, that the departed spirit goes either to Heaven or to Hell in the orthodox sense, should be shown to be not only a false belief, but injurious to mankind.

Let the believers and teachers of Spiritualism make greater and stronger efforts to refute these harmful teachings, and they will be doing the cause of truth and of man's happiness a great good.

I am not only interested in these phases but in all others which show that the spirits, even after they realize that they are still alive and must live as spirits, continue to show the fact that their orthodox teachings are false.

Some say that they may yet be able to go back into the body and await the great resurrection day for deliverance and say that they will soon see God and that He will take them into His Heavens where they will find that eternal rest and peace that they were taught to expect when on earth, and the wicked even look in dread to have some devil come and carry them to the Hells where torture of the most terrible kind they think awaits them.

From all this you may understand that we spirits, who know the truth, have a great work to do to enable these darkened spirits to understand and believe that their false hopes and dreadful fears have no foundation in truth and will never be realized. This work many spirits are engaged in doing and these spirits are not necessarily of the higher kind for many spirits, who occupy the earth plane and have no real spiritual enlightenment, are engaged in this work.

I am not now engaged in causing these dark spirits to see the truth for I have progressed to higher things and my mission is to teach the truths of the higher life, which I have been taught by spirits who live in higher spheres.

(To be continued… )

A Spirit Describes Various Experiences of Spirits When They Arrive in the Spirit World.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Soulmates Are Found in the Book of Lives

I am here, your father,

I am very happy and am glad that you seem to be also.

Yes, because of your experience the other night in loving Helen and her loving you. You certainly were filled with love and you must be perfectly happy, to have had such a demonstration of love and the realization of the actual sensitive presence of your wife. for I tell you that she was with you and was so filled with her love for you, that we all wondered at her love. She is a spirit that seems to have no limit to her love for you, not many spirits seem to have such abundance of love as she has for you. So you must consider yourself a very blessed man to have such a wife and a soulmate.

Yes, as I told you many years ago, there is of record in the heavens - a book of lives, as I might call it, which contains the names of those who are decreed by God to be one through all eternity, and when I want to know who is the soulmate of one who desires to know his or her soulmate, I consult that book, and there I find who the soulmate is.

I am not permitted to give the name of the soulmate if he or she is on the earth life for it might create discord or unhappiness to the living, but if the soulmate is not married then there is no restriction upon me, but if the soulmate is married then I must not tell the name, such is the law of God in this particular.

The reason is that I have that duty assigned to me, and as Helen has told you I have taught her to perform this duty and she is now engaged in it, and is most successful in the performance of her mission.

She seems to have a wonderful ability or, you might call it, intuition for locating the soulmates in the spirit world as she never fails when she undertakes to find one. She also finds great happiness in doing this work and in seeing the happiness that comes to them who ask her to perform this task.

I do not engage in it with so much enthusiasm as she does, but I do the best that I can, and I am rewarded also by seeing the happiness of those soulmates when they are brought together.

No, not if they are not assigned to do this work. It is one of the provisions of the spiritual world that each person has some work of a certain kind, or several kinds to do, and in that way are helped by the higher powers or, as we believe, the love of God to perform.

A spirit who is assigned to do a particular work, such as helping the spirit when it first enters the spirit world, will not attempt to engage in other work of a wholly different kind.

Yes, as to attempting to awaken a spirit to a conception of the love of God that is waiting for it, all spirits may do this, and when a spirit succeeds in causing a darkened or blinded spirit to feel or realize that God's love is waiting for it, then the spirit who has caused that awakening is most happy.

Of course, it is only the spirit who has had that awakening himself, who can cause or lead another spirit to that desire for spiritual enlightenment that will finally cause it to get this love to his full and complete happiness.

I am not yet in a condition to be fully able to do this with much success, but your grandmother and mother are very powerful in this particular, and they are the cause of many spirits becoming reconciled to God and His salvation.

So you see, the one great thing to obtain, either while on earth or after you come here, is this great awakening and love of God in your own heart. It is of all things necessary the greatest. I know to a considerable degree what it means and the happiness that comes from it, but I am not satisfied and am striving to obtain more of this love and to rise higher in the Kingdom of God. So you must try also for you need not wait until you come over…

Your father, John H. Padgett

Mr. Padgett's Father Tells of Soulmate Records
Book of Lives

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Soulmate Studies Spiritual Laws - Finds Soulmates, part two

When that time comes, you won't need anyone to find your soulmate, because she will be right at the portals of the spirit world with her arms open and her heart so full of love for you, that you will know yourself who your soulmate is, without having to have someone find her for you.

Yes, I know how happy you are and you make me happy too, my own darling Ned. Oh, how you must love me to feel that way for me and I love you with all my heart and soul, too.

Dry your tears and know that for every teardrop that falls from your eyes, I have one to correspond in love and joy. Oh, how I wish that you could see me now, and then you would know that I am your own Helen and that every drop of my love is for you and no one else. So do not cry more my own dear boy. You make me so happy that I can scarcely write.

You love me now as you never loved me before and I cannot tell you how happy I am, my own sweetheart. So do not cry more but continue to always love me in this way, and you will find more happiness than you have ever known before.

I do thank God for his goodness in giving you to me and keeping you for me in all these years that we lived together and apart. But, my dear, we will never live apart again through all eternity. Be all mine in thought and desire as you are now and we will know no sorrow in the time to come, my dear boy.

Only to think that you will be mine in all the years that are before us, and that no matter what may happen in the few short years intervening, the time will soon be with us that we will have each other without any veil of flesh to separate us.

We are one now, my Ned, and you need never fear again that your Helen does not write to you. Now you know and you will never doubt again.

Bless you, my darling, for this evidence of your love for me for now, never again, will I have a thought that you are not mine.

Tell me again what you quoted. "Steeped in the luxury of tears." Oh, isn't that beautiful and how I enjoy those tears, but do not shed more now for I know that they are all for me, and that your love is all mine.

No, not now. More close than ever before. No more distance. No more feelings of separation, only one close eternal one. My dear, how can I tell you my feelings this night?

Oh night, I will never forget the happiness that you give me nor the love that comes to me from my own true soulmate. He is mine and I am his, but we cannot ever know the extent of our bliss.

Please, my darling, dry your tears, and let me stop a while. You need not stop writing for the night, only stop awhile that I may rest.

I am rested now.

Yes, that is the way that I feel too. Isn't it glorious that such love has come to us. The Father is good to us, and how we ought to love him and thank him for His goodness. So when we pray together tonight we will let our whole hearts go out to Him in thanksgiving and gratitude that He has given us so much of His love, and so much love for each other for our love must come from Him. Without Him, we would not have the love we do for each other.

You are my lover as well as my husband and no woman could ever have been loved more than you loved me tonight. So do not let us further write as I am tired.

I will be with you in your prayers and watch over your slumbers tonight and try to make you have pleasant dreams.

So goodnight my own darling Ned.

Your own Helen

Mrs. Helen Padgett is studying spiritual laws and spirit communication with mortals and describes work finding soulmates.

A Soulmate Studies Spiritual Laws - Finds Soulmates, part one

I am here, Helen,

I am in my home in the Third Sphere still, but soon I hope that I will be with your mother who is waiting for me to come to her. She is trying all she can to help me, and she says that if you continue to pray as you did last night for me that I will soon be with her.

Most of my time when I am not with you is given to helping the spirits who do not know the way to God's love and the necessity for obtaining it in order to obtain perfect happiness.

I am also engaged in studying the laws pertaining to spirit intercourse with mortals, as I have told you. I find that a spirit can only communicate when it is in a condition of rapport with the mortal, and only then when certain conditions exist.

Even if a spirit is in rapport it cannot exercise any influence over the mortal unless the mortal is in a certain condition to receive that influence, so it is absolutely necessary for the mortal as well as the spirit to have these conditions around him in order to get the communications.

You and I have no difficulty because we are in the condition that enables us to communicate at all times, although sometimes the conditions are not as good as at other times.

I feel that you are not so close to me tonight as usual for some reason, and it doesn't make me very happy to feel so. Tell me what the trouble is that keeps you away from me, and I will try to remove it, if possible.

I see and I am sorry for I have tried my best to help you, and if I am not successful it is not because I did not try. I understand and I do not know what to say for I don't see how I can give any more convincing evidence.

I see what you mean, and I am sure that you will not have to feel that I am not your Helen on that account, though I am not infallible, and something might intervene to prevent the happening of what I have told you, but I do not see anything now and, consequently, I am quite sure that you will be relieved in the way that I say.

He meant just what he said, and you must believe him. He will surely see that you will want for nothing as he told you, so you have so many assurances that I don't see why you should worry.

Well, I am specially endowed with the power to find the soulmates of the spirits. I don't know why it is, but I am. So is your father. He first instructed me and I am now working with him in that regard.

You would be surprised to know the number of spirits here who have no conception of what a soulmate means. They seem to think that they have to remain all alone, until some day they may meet a spirit to whom they may become attached and live with.

So you see I am doing some good in that particular, for when they find their soulmates they become ever so much happier and seem to think that I am their best friend and special angel to guide them.

Yes, they could meet and not realize that they are soulmates. I don't understand how this is, but I know from observation that it is so. Some spirits are so in want of the power of observation that when their soulmates come to them they do not recognize them until some length of time has elapsed.

I remember one case where a bright spirit from the third plane came to her soulmate in the earth plane, and tried to make him understand that she was his soulmate, but was unable to succeed until after a long time, when he awoke to the fact that he should have a soulmate allotted to him, and even then she had to tell him that she was his soulmate. He did not seem to have any longing for a mate. He was so much engrossed with things of earth that he did not think of soulmates or anything else of that kind.

So you see the spirits who understand that they have soulmates are so much better off in the way of obtaining happiness than those who have no knowledge of that fact.

To be continued... )

Mrs. Helen Padgett is studying spiritual laws and spirit communication with mortals and describes work finding soulmates.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Soulmate Describes the New Birth

Be true to yourself, as I have told you, and you will soon be in God's Love and favor. Do not let worries or disappointments keep you from seeking His Love and believing that He is waiting to enfold you in His arms of mercy and Love for He is not only waiting but wants you to call on Him.

Do not let the thought that He is afar up in the Heavens cause you to think that He is not always near you anxiously waiting your call. He is not willing that one of His children should perish and, when they go astray, His great Heart of Love yearns for them to return and partake of His bounties and blessings.

You must try with all your heart to realize this truth, for it is a truth, and is the greatest truth taught us by Jesus, who is the greatest of all teachers.

Make your daily life one of prayer and aspirations, and you will see that what I have told you is not only true, but you can make it a part of yourself. You have only to let your desires turn toward God, and He will meet you more than half way, for He never sleeps or closes His ear to the supplications of His children, and those who have sought Him with an earnest and repentant wish and a longing desire of the soul know that He has always responded to their call.

You are now in the way to obtain these blessings, and I pray that you may continue, for you cannot find true happiness in any other way. This is what Jesus meant when he said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life," He knew that there was only one way to obtain the Father's Love, and that is through the New Birth, which is merely the flowing into the soul of man the Love of God to the extent of eradicating all desires and tastes for things which are not in harmony with God's laws and Love.

You must give your thoughts more to this vital consideration of the economy of God's being.

It is not a question of what church you belong to, or what particular faith you may have, or who your preacher may be, or to what duties you owe to the church, or to the ceremony of baptism according to the church's dogmas, but whether you have sought God in spirit and in truth and have received His favor and Love. This is an individual matter, and no man can be saved by the sufferings or progress of another.

Each soul is a complete unit, when joined with its mate, and the spiritual condition of each soul towards God determines what its place and happiness will be in the spirit world. So do not let the thought that it is necessary to believe in a special church dogma or any ceremony, keep you from seeking the New Birth. This is the fundamental principle that operates in the atonement of man with God, and all other doctrines are merely secondary, and need to be believed only as they may lead to a belief in this foundation.

I am writing at the dictation of your grandmother for she knows and I, of course, would not be able to write in this way of my own thoughts and experience. She says that you must try to get in condition so that the Master may write, and that which he shall say will show to mankind the everlasting truths of God's kingdom and laws, that she is a mere tyro [novice] in the knowledge and ability to explain God's truths that Jesus will teach you.

So try to become more spiritual, so that you may learn the wonderful teachings of God's Love and truth that he will give you.

You must stop writing now as you are tired and so am I. So love your own true Helen and pray to God for Love and spiritual enlightenment.


Helen describes her home in the Third Sphere.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Soulmate Explains the Importance of Receiving God's Divine Love

Yes, we will love our parents and children just as much as on earth, but they will not need our love so much, as they will have their own soulmates to love them. We will visit them and be visited by them, and enjoy their society even more than when on earth.

They will love us very much, but the love that makes two souls one will exist only for the soulmates. God's Love will not interfere with that - I mean our love for God. It is of a kind that is different from our love for each other and is of a more spiritual and Holy nature.

I am so very much pleased to see that you are getting more of His Love in your heart each day, and soon you will do the work that the Master has laid out for you to do.

Yes, I am going to try to progress into the higher planes, and hope to do so as rapidly as is possible, but you may rest assured that no matter what plane I may be in, my love for you will not lessen, and I will not cease to be with you as I now am.

The life in the higher spheres without you would not be complete - you are necessary to my complete happiness. God has decreed that two soulmates are intended to make one complete whole, and they must, in order to be wholly happy and to fulfill the laws of His Love, live together forever as one. Yes, I know, because I have asked your grandmother and she has told me.

You can progress on earth just as rapidly as I can here, if you will let God's Love come into your heart as fully and as abundantly as I do; and you can if you will only pray to the Father. He does not require the child of His care to be in the spirit world in order to develop his soul.

You have the same soul now that you will have when you come here, and if you let God fill it with His Love while you are on earth, why should it not progress as much as it does here? God does not intend to wait until you come over here that He may give you the full enjoyment of His Holy Spirit. It all depends upon you.

If you truly and sincerely seek His Love, you will get it on earth just as easily as you can get it after you have thrown off the body. The Love of God coming into the soul of a man does not depend upon whether he is in the flesh or in the spirit.

All souls must answer for the sins done in the body, but it is not necessary that such penalties be paid in the spirit world - you can pay the penalty while on earth. As you sow so shall you reap, but the reaping is not necessarily here.

If you seek earnestly for God's grace and Love you can obtain them on earth, and I am informed that when they are obtained on earth, greater will be the progress of the spirit when it comes over. So let me pray you to seek these blessings while you are in your present life and not wait for them to be given to you after you have entered the spirit world.

Your grandmother says that she had that experience, and when she came here, she entered the third heaven, without going through a period of expiation or purification in the lower spheres. She is a wonderfully bright and pure spirit, and is very close to God, and has so much of His Love in her soul that her countenance really seems an illuminated face.

She is in a condition of almost perfect Love and peace, though she says that she is striving for a higher plane and a closer at-onement with her Heavenly Father. She is the one who can help you in your spiritual progress more than all others, except Jesus, who is the grandest and most glorious spirit in all the Heavens.

Let your thoughts be of a pure and holy kind, and you will soon realize that God's Love is in your soul to a degree that will make you feel that He is your own near and dear Father. Do not doubt His Love, or that He can come to you through the Holy Spirit, for that is His messenger of Love, and it will never refuse to come into a man's heart and soul, where the desire exists to have it come, by earnest sincere prayer for its inflowing.

To be continued... )

Helen describes her home in the Third Sphere.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Soulmate Describes her Home in the Third Sphere of the Spirit World, part one

I am here, Helen.

I am very happy for I have so much Love of God in my heart that I cannot think of anything that tends to make me unhappy.

My home is very beautiful and I am perfectly delighted with it. It is made of white marble and is surrounded by lawns and flowers and trees of various kinds. The grass is so very green and the flowers are so beautiful and variegated. The trees are always in foliage and have such beautiful limbs and leaves. I am most pleased with my home, I mean the building.

There are many beautiful pictures on the walls, and the walls are all frescoed and hung with fine coverings, and the floors are inlaid with beautiful mosaics. I have all the splendid furniture that I could possibly wish for, and my library is full of books of all kinds, especially of those that tell of God and His Love for man. You would be in your element if you could be with me.

I have beds on which I lie down, but I never sleep. We do not need sleep here; we only rest, for sometimes we get tired from our work and are greatly refreshed by lying on the beds and couches which are so comfortable that we do not realize that we are tired after lying down a little while.

I have music, such as you never heard on earth, and instruments of various kinds which I am learning to play, and I sing with all my heart and soul as the days go by. Our instruments are not like those on earth, they are not stringed instruments, but are played by our thoughts of goodness and love. We do not use fingers or lungs, but merely thoughts, and if they are pure and loving, our music is very beautiful and not discordant.

When I sing I think of you and wish that you could hear me as you did when I was with you in the body. I like "The Song that Reached my Heart," it seems to bring me more in rapport with you than any of the others, although "Sing Me to Sleep" is one that I enjoy to sing very much.

We eat fruit and nuts, but do not do so because we are hungry, but more because we enjoy the flavors so much; and we drink water, pure and sweet, as it makes us feel so refreshed when we are a little tired. Our fruit is not of the earthly kind - it is so much more delightful that I am unable to describe it to you. And the nuts are different, also, and the water is purer than what you have and is more refreshing.

Yes, it is permanent, and the house and trees and flowers are more real to me than were ever the houses and trees and flowers on earth; they are not shadowy as you may think, but are so very substantial that they never decay or grow old.

Yes, I have one selected for you now, and will make it so beautiful that you will wonder how it was possible for me to do so; there will be so much love in it that there will be no room for anything that is not in harmony with my love, and you will realize that your own Helen loves you with all the love that a soul can have for its mate.

When you are asleep, or doing something in the line of your work; then you do not need me and I am free to leave you. You must not think that I am not free to leave you when I am with you, for I am and I come to you of my own free will; but love compels and in that particular I am not free and don't want to be.

Your love for me is the greatest thing, except God's Love in all the world and without it, I would be very unhappy. You do not know how very necessary your loving me is to my happiness; and you must never cease to love me, for if you do not, I will not enjoy my home or the spirit world so much. Yes, I know, but I sometimes fear that you may forget to think of me as I want you to.

Yes, we will be together in every way and separated only while we are doing some of God's work. You will be with me in all my thoughts and I will be with you in your thoughts. Love will keep us through all eternity.

(To be continued… )

Helen describes her home in the Third Sphere.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Soulmate Explains the Process of Dying, part two

But after awhile I commenced to think that I must be deceived in my sight and hearing, and was still on earth, and needed only my body again to know that I was still a mortal. Some time elapsed before I really became conscious that I was a spirit and was not on earth; for when I tried to talk to you, as I did, you would not listen to me and turned away from me as if you did not see or hear me.

After a short time your mother and father came to me again and tried to persuade me that I must not continue in my belief that I was still of the earth, but must believe that I was in spirit life and needed only the things of the spirit to make me more contented.

So you see, I was so very fortunate in having your dear parents and grandmother welcome me when I passed over. If they had not received me, I do not know to what condition of fear and distraction I might have been subjected.

No spirit can learn the truth of the change, unless in some way helped by others.

So you see when you come over, I will be there to receive you and love you so much that you will never have to go through the period of doubt that I did. Your father is also waiting to receive you and, in fact, all your spirit band have agreed that when you come, you will have nothing to fear for want of help and love.

I first saw my parents after I commenced to believe that I was in the spirit world, and when I saw them they did not know me, but thought that I was still in the body and that they were still on earth, as they had not yet awakened to the fact that they were in the spirit world. They were very unhappy, and it took considerable talking to make them believe that they were spirits and not mortals.

My father was more easily convinced than was my mother, for he commenced sooner to recall that when death comes, the spirit must go to God who gave it. My mother would not believe so soon, for she continued to think that she was with her acquaintances on earth, and that they were not treating her very courteously, for when she spoke to them, they would not answer. But thank God, they both now realize that they are in the spirit world and that they must learn to love God if they would be happy.

Yes, when my son came to where my body lay, I returned to it, and saw it taken away, and afterwards buried; but I still did not understand what it all meant, and only when your grandmother told me that I would no more inhabit it, did I commence to realize that I had left it forever. But even then I had some feeling that she was mistaken, and that in some way I would return to it again and continue to live on earth.

Yes, when I had been in the spirit world a short time, I saw other spirit forms and, even then, I was not in a condition of mind to fully understand that they were spirits and not mortals. The resemblance is very real to one who has never had his spiritual eyes opened; and even though the spirit forms all appear much more beautiful and bright, yet to me they all seemed to be human forms, and I thought that I was not in condition to fully see just what they were.

You must let me stop now, for I am tired.

Your own true and loving, Helen

The first message James received from his wife and soulmate Helen Padgett.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Soulmate Explains the Process of Dying, part one

I am here, Helen.

I am so very happy as you are loving me very much tonight, for I can see that your thoughts are with me so much more than of late, so let me continue to feel that you love me so much.

When I realized that the time had come for me to go, I did not fear to do so, but calmly waited and thought that all my sufferings would soon end. I did not know that I was dying, but felt that something unusual was happening, and I was not afraid.

As I always in life dreaded death, as you know, the strange thing to me was that I did not look upon death as dying. It was only a pleasant dreamy feeling, and I only thought that I was going to become absent from my body until it was refreshed. My thoughts were not of death at all. I had been suffering pain, but I thought that I was getting well, and the feeling of relief that came over me was the result of my getting better.

As my spirit arose, I thought only of my condition and how soon I would be able to return home and see my friends. No other thoughts came to me - not even my love for God, or the fact that I was not in condition as regards my soul to meet my Maker as I had been taught. There was absolutely no fear of what might happen to me, or that I would soon be called upon to account for the sins I had committed.

Just before my spirit left my body, I was unconscious, but just as soon as the separation commenced, I became fully conscious and knew everything that took place and did not feel at all as if I were in danger or needed the help of anyone.

And when my spirit left the body, I commenced to feel as if I was rising out of it and that I was going upward to the place that I had so often heard my father speak about. When I commenced to leave the body, there was no pain or suffering, only a feeling that I was rising out of it.

So you see death, which I so much feared, was not such a dreadful thing to experience.

No darkness appeared to me, and I saw my body lying there as if it were asleep. I did not try to hold it, but thought that it was merely taking a rest and that, as soon as it felt refreshed, I would enter it again and continue to live as before. I did not wait for it to awaken, but continued to arise until your mother clasped me in her arms - she was my own dear mother, as well as yours.

She was trying to tell me that I had nothing to fear or cause me to feel that I was not with those that loved me. She was so beautiful that I hardly realized that it was she, and when I commenced to see that I was no longer in my body, I asked her not to leave me but to take me with her to where she lived.

She told me that I could not go there, but that God had prepared a place for me to go to, and that she would accompany me and show me the truth of my future existence. I went with her, and she took me to a place that was very beautiful and filled with spirits who had recently passed over.

She did not leave me for a long time, and when she did, your father came to me and said, "I am Ned's father and want to help you to realize that you are now in the spirit world, and must not let the thoughts of the earth keep you from getting in a condition to learn that all of us are only waiting for the Love of God to help us to higher and better things."

Your grandmother soon came to me and told me who she was, and was so beautiful and bright that I scarcely could look at her, for her face was all aglow with what seemed to me to be a Heavenly light; and her voice was so sweet and musical that I thought she must be one of God's angels that I had read about in the Bible. She told me of the things that God had prepared for me, and that He wanted me to love Him and feel that He Loved me.

(To be continued… )

The first message James received from his wife and soulmate Helen Padgett.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Beautiful Soulmate Love Letter

I am here, Helen:

Yes, I am when you need me and feel that I am your own true wife. I am not yet ready to let you see that you are so necessary to my happiness, that I must be with you all the time, for if I do you will become so careless of my love and will think that all you have to do is say, "Come Helen," and I will be there.

Thanks are not in order as you are too very much of a flirt to make me believe that you really mean "thank you." But you are my darling Ned, and I love you and you know it, and I am glad that you do. You are too much in love with me to ever want another.

I know and I thank God that He gave us to each other, for if I had not your love, I would not be so happy. Oh my darling, I so long to have you with me all the time, so that I could tell you of my great love for you, and that you are the only one that I love or have ever loved in all my life.

Be so true to me that no doubt will arise in your mind that I am the one that God selected for you. Let us continue to love God and then we will love each other with love that knows no ending or falling away. My love for you is not only for a time, but for all eternity, and we will never be separated after you come over to me.

Yes, it is possible, for I know that our love will become so real, that the mere fact of your being in the physical body will not prevent us from realizing that we are together in all the reality of our true being and love.

You will not have to wait very long before you will hear my voice and feel my presence in a way that will convince you that I am with you in all my strength and real existence. Let us believe that we are one in spirit and love, and our realization of that fact will be strong that we will be certain that the union is true. Give me all your thoughts for a while and you will learn that I am not only yours in spirit and love but in real personal contact and actual presence.

So do not doubt that I am with you now, writing this love letter as I promised you this afternoon, for I am actually writing it and you have nothing to do with it but merely hold the pencil.

You do not deserve the blessings which God has given you, but He is so loving and merciful, that He sees that you need His love and my love to make you happy, and in the end become a spiritual man and a true follower of Jesus, who is also your true friend and teacher. He will tell you all things that the Father has in store for you and will not let you go astray again as you did when we were living together on earth.

So do not let the thought that you are too worldly or too great a sinner keep you from seeking the love of the Father or believing that Jesus is interested in your welfare both on earth and in this world. Only believe what He may tell you and you will not be left to go wrong.

Try to let your thoughts turn more to God's love and to mine.

Yes, they all love you very much, but not as I do, because their love is that of a parent, while mine is that of one whom God has decreed shall be the necessary part of a love that is one and a perfect whole.

Our loves are not two but one and, if either part is not in true accord, the perfect one is not in existence. So you see we must be sure that our loves are just in that accord that is necessary to make the perfect one.

Let us not write anymore tonight as I am tired and so are you. Yes you did, but under the conditions, we could not do what you desired.

With all my love and best wishes for your happiness, I am your own true wife and sweetheart, Helen

A beautiful love letter from Helen telling about one love (soulmate love) that is in store for them as they both seek the Divine Love of the Father.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

God - Who He Is

God is the only one who is supreme and all powerful and loving and wise.

He is not a being of form or individuality as we may understand, but is a substance of being and soul. His soul is that part of Him which embraces all the affections of love, which love is bestowed on us in order that we may become like our Heavenly Father.

Our Father is not capable of being seen with the physical or spiritual sight, but can only be seen with the soul's eyes of perfect love.

No one has ever heard the voice of God, for He has no voice. He works in a silent mysterious way through the operation of His soul upon our souls. So we must understand that God speaks to us through His Angels, or through the communication of His Soul and theirs.

He is not in any particular place or seated on a throne in His Heavens, but His attributes are everywhere and fill the whole universe. The earth is a very small portion of the universe, and we must not believe that God is only in the Heavens where His children of earth go when we cease to live as mortals.

God is a God of Love above everything else, and the sooner we learn and believe this fact, the sooner will happiness exist on the earth as well as in the Heavens.

God is not a God of hatred, nor does He chastise His children in wrath or anger. His love is with all of us, be we saints or sinners, and no one suffers punishment because the Father wants us to suffer.

He is also a God of Mercy and Forgiveness and will forgive our sins and shed His Mercy over us, if we will truly and in sincerity ask His Forgiveness and seek His Mercy.

He is also a God of Wisdom and His plans for our redemption and salvation are the only plans that can be adopted for us to try to follow in order that we may receive this salvation.

So God is everything in nature and attributes which will not only redeem us from our sins, but will make us lovers of one another and brothers and sisters in the true sense of the word.

He is also a God of Power and, in the days to come when He sees fit to carry out and perfect His plans in their full fruition, He will, through the working of His Spirit which is perfect in its working, destroy all sin and error in His Universe and perfect harmony will reign and we will be at peace and happiness.

The world will not be destroyed but, when the great day of judgment comes, all sin will be eradicated from the world, and we will continue to live upon the earth, free from sin and unhappiness, just as it is supposed that Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden.

James E. Padgett received the second formal message from Jesus only a few days after on his Father's Nature as my God and your God.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Faith - What It Is

Faith is that which when possessed in its real and true meaning makes the aspirations and longings of our soul a real, living existence, and one so certain and palpable that no doubt will arise as to its reality.

This faith is not the belief that arises from the mere operation of our mind, but that which comes from the opening of the perceptions of our soul, and which enables its possessor to see God in all His Beauty and Love.

The possessor of this faith will not actually see God in form or feature, for He has none, but our soul perceptions will be in such condition that all the Attributes of the Father will appear so plainly to us, that they will be as real as anything that we can see with the eyes of the spirit form.

Such faith comes only with constant earnest prayer, and the reception into our soul of the Divine Love. No one can be said to have faith who has not this Divine Love.

Faith is a progressive quality, or essence of the soul, and increases as possession of this Divine Love increases and is not dependent on anything else. Your prayers call from the Father a response that brings with it faith, and with this faith comes a knowledge of the existence of this Love in your own soul.

Many people may understand this faith to be a mere belief, but it is greater than belief and is existing in its true sense only in our soul. Belief may arise from a conviction of our mind, but faith never can. Its place of being is in our soul, and no one can possess it unless their soul is awakened by the inflowing of this Love.

So that when we pray to the Father to increase our faith, it is a prayer for the increase of Love. Faith is based on the possession of this Love, and without it there can be no faith, because it is impossible for our soul to exercise its function when Love is absent from it.

Faith is not a thing that can be obtained by a mere exercise of our mind, but has to be sought for with our soul perceptions, and when obtained will be enjoyed only by our soul perceptions.

Faith and how it can be obtained.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Holy Spirit - What It Is

The Holy Spirit is that part of God's Spirit that manifests His presence and care in conveying to our souls His Divine Love.

This Love is the highest and greatest and most holy of His possessions, and can be conveyed to us only by the Holy Spirit; and this appellation is used in contradistinction to the mere spirit, which demonstrates to us the operation of God's Soul in other directions and for other purposes.

God’s creative spirit, and His caring spirit, and the spirit that makes effective His laws and designs in the governing of the universe, are not the Holy Spirit, though equally part of God's Soul, and equally necessary for the manifestations of His powers and the exercise of the energies of His Soul.

These deal with the things of the universe that do not have interrelationship with the Soul of God and our souls, and whenever the Holy Spirit is spoken of it should mean only that part of God's Spirit which transforms our souls into the Substance of the Soul of God in its Quality of Love.

The Holy Spirit, while a part of the Spirit of God, is as distinctive as is our souls distinctive from all other creations of God; yet it is that part of God's Spirit that has to do with the relationship of God's Soul and our souls, exclusively.

The subject of its operation is the Divine Love of the Father's Soul and the object of its workings is our souls, and the great goal to be reached by its operations is the transforming of each of our souls into the Substance of the Father's Love, with immortality as a necessary accompaniment.

This is the great miracle of the universe; and so high and sacred and merciful is the transformation, that we call that part of God's Spirit that so works, the Holy Spirit.

Its mission is our salvation in the sense of bringing our souls into that harmony with God, that our very souls will become a part in substance and not in image merely of the Soul of God, and without this working of the Holy Spirit we cannot become in such union.

Except we be born again, we cannot enter into the Kingdom of God, and such attainment is possible only by the working of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Personal Prayer for Divine Love

This is a modified version of the Prayer for Divine Love, which makes it more personal. May your soul receive an abundance of God's Divine Love today, tomorrow and forevermore.

* * *

Dear Father, who art in Heaven,

I recognize that thou art all holy and loving and merciful, and that I am a child of Thy care and not a subservient, sinful and depraved creature that false teachers would have me believe. That I am the greatest of Thy creation, and the most wonderful of all Thy handiworks, and the object of Thy great Soul's Love and tenderest care.

That Thy will is that I become at-one with Thee and partake of Thy great Love, which Thou hast bestowed upon me through Thy mercy and desire that I become, in truth, Thy child, through Love and not through the sacrifice and death of any one of Thy creatures.

I pray that Thou will open up my soul to the inflowing of Thy love, and that then will come Thy Holy Spirit to bring into my soul, this, Thy Love in great abundance until my soul may be transformed into the very essence of Thyself. And that there may come to me faith, such faith as will cause me to realize that I am truly Thy child and that I am one with Thee in very substance and not in image only.

Let me have such faith as will cause me to know that Thou art my Father, and the bestower of every good and perfect gift, and that only I can prevent Thy Love changing me from the mortal to the immortal.

Let me never cease to realize that Thy Love is waiting for me, and that when I come to Thee with faith and earnest aspirations, Thy Love will never be withholden from me.

Keep me in the shadow of Thy Love every hour and moment of my life, and help me to overcome all temptations of the flesh and the influence of the powers of the evil ones, who so constantly surround me and endeavor to turn my thoughts away from Thee to the pleasures and allurements of this world.

I thank Thee for Thy Love and for the privilege of receiving it, and I believe that Thou art my Father, the loving Father who smiles upon me in my weakness, and is always ready to help me and take me to Thy arms of love.

I pray, thus, with all the earnestness and longings of my soul, and trusting in Thy Love give Thee all the glory and honor and love that my finite soul can give.

Prayer for Divine Love

Our Father, who art in Heaven, we recognize that thou art all holy and loving and merciful, and that we are Thy children and not the subservient, sinful and depraved creatures that our false teachers would have us believe. That we are the greatest of Thy creations and the most wonderful of all Thy handiworks, and that we are the objects of Thy great Soul's Love and tenderest care.

That Thy will is that we become at one with Thee and partake of Thy great Love which Thou hast bestowed upon us through Thy mercy and desire that we become, in truth, Thy children, through Love and not through the sacrifice and death of any one of Thy creatures.

We pray that Thou will open up our souls to the inflowing of Thy Love, and that then will come Thy Holy Spirit to bring into our souls, this, Thy Love in great abundance until our souls may be transformed into the very essence of Thyself; and that there may come to us faith, such faith as will cause us to realize that we are truly Thy children and that we are one with Thee in very substance and not in image only.

Let us have such faith as will cause us to know that Thou art our Father and the bestower of every good and perfect gift, and that only we, ourselves, can prevent Thy Love changing us from the mortal to the immortal.

Let us never cease to realize that Thy Love is waiting for each and all of us, and that when we come to Thee with faith and earnest aspirations, Thy Love will never be withholden from us.

Keep us in the shadow of Thy Love every hour and moment of our lives, and help us to overcome all temptations of the flesh and the influence of the powers of the evil ones who so constantly surround us and endeavor to turn our thoughts away from Thee to the pleasures and allurements of this world.

We thank Thee for Thy Love and for the privilege of receiving it, and believe that Thou art our Father, the loving Father who smiles upon us in our weakness, and is always ready to help us and take us to Thy arms of Love.

We pray, thus, with all the earnestness and longings of our soul, and trusting in Thy Love give Thee all the glory and honor and Love that our finite souls can give.

* * *

This is the only prayer that we need offer to the Father. It is the only one that appeals to the Love of the Father, and with the answer, which will surely come, will come all the blessings that we may need, and which the Father sees are for the good of His creatures.

Prayer for Divine Love.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Importance of Getting Divine Love in Our Soul

If you keep on trying to have more of God's Love in your soul, you will soon realize the full joy and peace which comes with such possession. Try to let your heart receive more of His Love, for He is always ready and waiting to bestow His Love upon you.

He is the one Lovely Father for you to long for and keep with you in all your thoughts and aspirations. Do not let the worries of life keep you from loving and believing that He wants you to become one with Him in Love and Grace. He is not only waiting for you to let His Love flow into your heart, but He is anxiously knocking at the door of your heart, that you may open and let Him enter.

Be true to your best spiritual longings, and you will soon feel that you have got that in your soul which will give you perfect peace and happiness. You must feel that your Father is so near you, that He must become a part of your life and being.

When that Love has fully taken possession of you, you will know that you are His own true and reconciled child, just as all are who have come into a realization of that Love.

You must not let the things of your earth life keep you from the higher things that the Father has prepared to give you. The only things worth striving after are the things of this spiritual Love of the Father. Be more anxious to get this knowledge, and it will come to you in all its beauty and convincing force. If you could see the Holy Spirit's work among mortals and spirits, then you would not doubt any more that God is a God of Love, and not of anger or retribution.

Keep praying, for that is the one great means to receive the Love of God. Without prayer we cannot reach the answering ear of the Father's Grace. He will hear the penitent only, for He will not accept anyone who is not truly and earnestly seeking Him.

We have a will to either accept or reject the Love of God, and until we exercise our will in a way to show that we want this Love, it will not be given to us. No one is ever forced to love God or to let God's Love come into our heart.

The Love of God cannot be defined, for it passes all understanding, but the result of that Love, when in our souls, can be seen and felt in the exceeding beauty in our countenances and in our wonderful happiness.

No fear of death or anything that makes us afraid can possibly exist where this Love is. It is not the Love that permits any feelings of jealousy or envy to have an entrance, but is so perfect and all soul filling that there cannot possibly be any room for anything but its own great self.

The Love of God is the only thing that can make us supremely happy while on earth and after we become a spirit.

The importance of getting Divine Love in our soul.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cultivating The Soul Perceptions

You cannot perceive spiritual things with the material mind. Neither can you, by reason of those powers of the mind which know only material things, perceive the Truths of the spirit. Hence, there is the necessity for us cultivating the soul perceptions, which are greater and more comprehending than all the faculties of the material mind.

Mind, as usually understood by us, is undoubtedly a wonderful instrument in investigating and learning the laws of nature and the relation of cause and effect in the physical world. But such powers, when applied to the things of the spirit, will not help much. Rather, they will retard the progress of the soul's development of its faculties.

The reasoning power given to us is the highest quality of the material mind and, when properly exercised, affords a very safe and satisfactory method of arriving at the truth. But such power, when exercised in reference to things which are strangers to it, or with which such powers have no acquaintance, or have never been concerned with the investigation of the phenomena of their existence, cannot be depended upon to bring conclusions that will assure us of truth.

Laws are eternal and never change, and are made by the Heavenly Father to be applied to all the conditions and to all the relationships of the material world and of the spiritual world. But the laws that apply to the operations of the material world are not fitted to apply to the operations of the spiritual world.

And the person who understands the former, and their application to material things, is not able to apply the laws applicable to the spiritual world and to spiritual things. A knowledge of the laws pertaining to the natural will not supply a knowledge of the laws pertaining to the spiritual.

The material laws may be learned from by the operations of the senses that belong to, and constitute, the material mind. But the spiritual laws can only be learned by the exercise and application of the faculties of the soul.

The soul is to the spiritual things of God what the mind is to the material things of God. And the great mistake that we make and have made is to attempt to learn these spiritual things with the powers of the material mind.

To learn the nature and operations and workings of the spiritual things is the necessity for exercising the soul perceptions which will come to you as your soul develops. These perceptions are just as real as are the five senses of the natural mind, though most of us do not even know of their existence.

And when once you have succeeded in understanding that they do exist and that you may be able to use them, just as you use the faculties of the material mind, you will be able to progress in the development of these faculties or perceptions with as much success and certainty as does the great scientist or philosopher in the studies of the things to which he applies the faculties of his material mind.

Let your faith increase and pray more to the Father, and you will see a wonderful vista of knowledge open up to you of the Truths of the spirit.

Jesus Discusses the Importance of Man Cultivating the Soul Perceptions. He Stresses That Spiritual Things Cannot Be Perceived by the Material Mind.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Natural, Divine and Soulmate Loves

The natural love is one that is not understood by humanity in its most important particular. This love is not one that is sufficient to give us the highest degree of happiness which we may obtain in either the mortal life or in the life to come.

This love is of a nature that changes with the change in our ideas and desires, and has no stability that will serve to keep us constant in our affections. No one who has only this love can ever be in condition to say that we will continue to have this love for a longer time than the present; and when we think that our love can never change, or leave us, we are only giving thought to the wish.

But this love is one that may last for a long time, and sometimes it seems that it can never die or grow less; yet, in its very nature, it has not that constancy which insures its lasting longer than a moment of time.

The natural love is undoubtedly the greatest gift that the Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us, and without it, we would be in a very unhappy condition. It is the love which unites men and women in unity while on earth, and enables us to approach nearer to a life of happiness than does any other human quality; but still it has the danger always accompanying it, that sometime, in some way, it may cease to exist.

Yet, it is not the Great Love of the Father which we may receive, if we will only seek and strive to obtain it by prayer and faith.

The mother's love is the strongest of all loves given to us, and apparently it can never end or grow old, yet a time may come when that love will die or cease to retain all its vitality or beauty. It is said that love never dies; but that is not true as regards this natural love; and no one can say that their love of today will remain their love of a few years hence.

But there is a love that may be called the natural love that will last forever, providing these souls seek and obtain the Divine Love — and that is the love that God has implanted in two souls that he has designed to become one in spirit life.

This love is really not two loves, but one and the same love manifested in the two opposite sexes, and which is only a complete one when these two apparently independent souls come together in perfect unity. This is what is commonly called the love of soulmates, and which is that essence of spiritual love which makes the happiness of the two spirits of mortals seemingly complete. Yet, this love is not of a Divine nature, but merely the highest type of the natural love.

Helen explains Divine Love, Natural Love, Soulmate Love and other loves.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Truth, Knowledge and Love - How to Find It

Love is the great principle that enters into all knowledge of things spiritual, and without love it is utterly impossible for us to rightfully conceive the truths of God and possess them.

When you are sure that you have discovered or have had revealed to you a truth, let it sink deep into your soul so that it will find such lodgment as will cause you to realize that this truth is a reality, and a thing that must not be forgotten or neglected in its application to your daily life on earth.

When you have found that the truth fits some peculiar condition of your mind's experience, adopt it as a criterion for determining what your course of action shall be.

When you have thus adopted it, let it always remain with you as a guide and monitor in determining what your belief as to the particular thing involved shall be.

When you have thus received this belief of the mind, encourage and feed upon it until it becomes a thing of established faith; and when faith has become a part of your very being, you will find that the accompaniments of such faith, in the way of longings and aspirations, will become things of real existences, which will result in actual knowledge.

When such knowledge becomes yours, then you have solved the problem of what is true and what is not. And when you have solved this, you will become a person who, when you utter your knowledge of truth, will speak as one having authority.

These various steps which lead to this great knowledge of truth, must be taken gradually and with increased confidence. In all this, the help and influence of the Heavenly Father are necessary, and such help and influence comes only in response to sincere, soul aspiring prayer.

Prayer must arise from our soul and the response must come from God. There is no other means by which this knowledge can be obtained. All knowledge of things spiritual, that we may think we possess coming in any other way, cannot be relied on, for there is only one source of such knowledge out of which the real spiritual truths of God emanate.

Truth, knowledge and love. How to solve the problem of what is true and what is not.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perfect Fulfillment of Law of Attraction

There are various kinds of love existing between us, and also between us and spirits, each having its source in different conditions of fact and in varying causes; and of all these loves, only one is or can be the true and eternal one.

The love of husband and wife is a beautiful thing, and may exist during the life on earth and bring much happiness to its possessors even though that love is temporary, and, in the workings of the law of attraction in the spirit life, may entirely cease its existence and become forgotten.

And so will be the destiny of the paternal and maternal, and brotherly and sisterly love. All these are based upon causes or conditions that are merely temporary - that is, this love may last during a time and for a more or less longer period in eternity, but finally must end.

These loves are provisions of God which are necessary to enable us to work out our progress through the life in the way that will produce the greatest harmony and happiness among us as we contend with the difficulties, cares and disappointments of the earth life.

There is another provision of the Father's law, designed for our happiness, that causes the love arising from the human relationship to continue with the spirit so long as the object of that love continues in the flesh, and no matter what the progress of that spirit may be or what its attractions are, yet it continues to love the mortal during his/her earthly career, and to watch over and help him/her, and all this even though this love which once existed for other mortals in the same relationship, and who have passed to spirit life, may have ended and been forgotten.

This human love is subject to change and death, and those of earth life who console themselves with the thought that when they pass to spirit life they will meet their loved ones who have gone before, never to part again, will be disappointed, but not long distressed, for they will soon thereafter learn and experience the workings of the great law of attraction, and in that experience will be happy.

But there is another and differing love, not of the temporal but of the everlasting in its nature, and all humans have it, though probably unaware of the fact, but which at some period, and this may be for some time in eternity, they will become conscious of, and then never deprived of, for it is the perfect fulfillment of this law of attraction - the soulmate love.

It was born before any human appeared in the flesh, and was a part of the very soul's creation, and of which it could never be deprived, though so often does the soulmate love lie dormant in our souls and consciousness.

Helen explains Divine Love, natural love, soulmate love and other loves.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Soulmates - the Perfect One

As you have learned from The Great Truth of Soulmates video, when our souls are created by our Heavenly Father, these souls are made male and female, though constituting only the one soul - two in one, the perfect one. And with their creation is bestowed upon them a love - not two loves, but only one - which is possessed equally by each part of the complete soul, and which will always remain one in its complete workings, although these two parts of the soul have to be, and are, separated in their incarnation in the human body.

This incarnation is for the purpose of giving the male and the female parts of the one soul a separate individuality, without severing or disuniting this love, which through all eternity binds together these two parts as one.

The soulmate love is the love for all eternity, and this great love which requires that at some stage in eternity these two parts of the one soul shall become one again, should be one of the most convincing proofs that all of us, sooner or later, will come into harmony with the will of the Father and with the laws creating such souls.

This soulmate love is the only love that can have a separate and individual existence in the Celestial Heavens, where the Divine Love exists to the exclusion of every other love save the soulmate love; and the more the spirits - the united two in one - possess the Divine Love, the greater will be their possession of this soulmate love.

Helen explains Divine Love, natural love, soulmate love and other loves.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Divine Love Soulmates

Welcome to my blog, which will be focused on the subject of Divine Love soulmates. Many of you are, no doubt, familiar with the term soulmates and you may believe that you have met your twin soul.

But is this person really your true and only love? There are many ways to find out and, perhaps, you have been led here in order to help you learn what must occur before your soul awakens to this joyful discovery.

The Great Truth of Soulmates video is the perfect introduction. Enjoy and God bless.

The Great Truth of Soulmates

Human souls created by the Father are duplex.

The importance of this provision of the Father for the happiness of humans and spirits,

Has never been fully understood by those who have not with certainty met and recognized their soulmates.

But the soulmate is not an affinity which may be suggested by the passions or desires, but is one provided by the grace and Love of the Father

To live with the other soulmate through all eternity.

The soul, in its existence prior to becoming an indweller in the mortal body, has a consciousness of its existence and

Of its relationship to God and to other parts of the Great Soul

And more especially of the duplex character of its being.

They are male and female in composition, and, at the time of incarnation, divide into their two component parts. Each thereafter in the flesh is a complete soul as to itself.

Another law of the spirit world is that every human being of one sex has,

On earth or in the spirit world, one of the opposite sex, who is his soulmate.

The soulmates may or may not meet and marry in the flesh, depending upon various conditions and circumstances which prevail at the time of their marriage,

But such marriage is in no way a guarantee of happiness.

The great truth of soulmates is that every man born of woman has his soulmate.

Either on earth or in the spirit world and vice versa.

Our Heavenly Father loves and cares for us all.

* * * * *

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