Thursday, July 30, 2009

Divinity is of God Alone - Only He Can Bestow It on Us

I am now going to tell you of my progress in this love and happiness. When I last wrote you, I told you that I had commenced to have faith in the Father and had received some portion of His Love. Well, since then I have been praying and asking God to give me more faith and love and, as I prayed, my faith increased and, as my faith increased, more of this love came into my soul and with it an increased happiness.

So I would not stop striving until I realized that my soul was commencing to get such an inflow of this Love that it seemed that all things which tended to retard this influx were leaving me and only love and goodness were taking possession of me.

I am now very far advanced over what I was when you first commenced to talk to me of this love and I shall, through all eternity, remember and thank you for what you did for me. I was also so fortunate to have your mother and wife with me very much trying to show me the way to this truth of the New Birth and, then when your grandmother came to me, it seemed as if I could not resist the influences to seek and try to pursue.

So really when I had received enough of the spiritual awakening to realize who Jesus was, I gave him my close attention and as he continued to show me the way to the Father, I commenced to grasp the truth and believe that my salvation depended on my receiving this great love and becoming a finer and better man.

I tell you that Jesus is the most wonderful of spirits that I have seen or heard about. He is so filled with love and goodness that there seems no doubt in my mind that he is the son of the Father in the spiritual sense of the term. I mean that he is so much nearer the Father and in so much and many of his attributes that he is the only son in the sense of being at-one with the Father.

We are all sons of the Father, but there is such a difference in our spiritual conditions that the contrast between Jesus and us is so great that we can readily believe that he is the one true son and that his great love and knowledge of the qualities of the Father makes him the only begotten in a different way physically from other men, no immaculate conception or birth from the womb of a virgin. I do not believe this dogma and the Master says that it is not true for he was truly, so far as his physical being is concerned, the son of a man and woman as you or I am.

Now I am also convinced that mankind cannot be saved from their sins unless they follow the way showed them by the Master. No man can save himself and I wish strongly to emphasize the fact that man is dependent upon God for his salvation from the sins and errors of the material man. I do not mean that men have not a work to do themselves for they have.

God is willing to save them if they ask it and acknowledge that with His help, they can be saved, but unless they do ask and believe He will not interfere with these conditions. So you see, I am not only a believer in God and Jesus but also in the doctrine that men cannot save themselves.

I thought that man was sufficient unto himself when I was on earth, but now I know that he is not. Man may be comparatively happy and free from what is called sin, that is a visitation of God's laws, but that happiness is not the same nor is man's condition the same as when he gets this Divine Love from the Father.

I will not speak longer on this subject tonight but simply say that when on earth I thought that by my own exertions I might possibly become divine, yet even as a spirit I know that man is not divine and cannot become so in all eternity unless he receives this Divine Essence which comes to him in the New Birth.

Divinity is of God alone and only He can bestow it on man. Man not having this divinity cannot create it by his own efforts. So believe what I say and strive to get it, and you then succeed and become as the redeemed in the Celestial Heavens.

I must stop now for you are tired and so am I. Well, I will tell you of those things the next time I write.

So with all my love and blessing,

I am your old partner, A. G. Riddle

Riddle has progressed to a new sphere and is now seeking more help to further his spiritual progress.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Spirit is Helped in His Spiritual Progress by the Love of His Soulmate - Shares His Knowledge of Laws of the Spirit World

I am now so very happy in my new sphere that I cannot explain to you what that happiness means. I cannot express myself in language sufficiently strong and descriptive that you may comprehend.

But this I will say, that my happiness now transcends all conception of what happiness might be when, as a mortal, I sometimes thought of the afterlife and the happiness which might be in store for me when I passed over.

I am in the Third Sphere, but I am not contented to remain there for your mother has told me on many occasions of the far greater happiness existing in the higher spheres. I am now striving and praying for this greater happiness, and I will never be contented until I get it.

I am also happy because I have my soulmate with me so very often and her love is so great and pure that it leads me on to higher things and enables me to seek with so much earnestness the great love of the Father, which I now believe is working for me if I only will strive to obtain it and have the faith which all who have obtained to a very large degree of this love tell me of.

Your wife is in a much higher sphere and is so very beautiful and so exceedingly happy that I know that where she lives such happiness must exist.

Your grandmother is so wonderfully beautiful and filled with the love, that her very presence inspires me to believe and seek for the happiness of these higher spheres.

Well, as you want me to tell you of some of the laws of the spirit world, I will say that the one great law is that God is Love and that He is willing to bestow that love on anyone - spirit or mortal - who asks Him for it.

I am not only very happy, but I find that my mind is expanding to a great extent by reason of the love that I possess. No man or spirit can possibly be filled with this love and not have the wisdom that necessarily comes with the love.

I am not so much interested in purely mental phenomena as I was before I received this love and believed in a Father of Love and Truth, but I am nevertheless able to understand many things to a far greater degree than I could when I had merely the mental pursuits in mind.

I am not yet fully conversant with the laws of communication as I told you I would learn and instruct you in, but I know enough to be able to say that every spirit is trying to communicate with their friends on earth and why they are not able to is because the mortals are not in that condition of psychical rapport that will enable them to receive the communications of the spirits.

I do not yet know why one mortal is susceptible to these influences in such a way as to be readily understood and another mortal is not. Some spirits say that this law controlling this matter is not even understood by spirits who have been here for a great many years and who have given considerable study to the subject. But this I do know, that when the rapport exists, the communications become stronger with the exercise of the powers.

You have this power to a very large degree and, if you will continue to try to exercise it, you will find that manifestations of several kinds will be disclosed.

Your writing powers are very great and will grow as you continue to write but beside this phase you have the potential ability to have other manifestations such as independent voices and slate writing.

This latter I think will soon come to you and when it does you will get messages that will have their great value to you in convincing you that what you write in this method is written by the control of the thoughts of your friends who profess to write.

You will also get the voices very soon as I think, and when you do you will be able to converse with us in your room at night when you are alone. But I don't know of any manifestation as satisfactory to both spirit and mortal as the writing such as you are now doing, for we have the opportunity for such a greater extent of communicating and interchanging of thought.

I am perfectly delighted at the possibility given me of writing you in this way. So you must believe that I am writing to you and that all the others of your band are doing the same thing.

Your wife has more power in this regard than any of us and she does not hesitate to write you whenever you call her. She is a wonderful spirit in her grasp of spirit things and in her love for the Father. So you must not let any doubt come into your mind when she writes to you and tells you of so many wonderful things and of her love for you. She seems to love you with a love that has no limit or possibility of growing less.

(To be continued…)

Riddle has progressed to a new sphere and is now seeking more help to further his spiritual progress.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dancing With God

When I meditated on the word Guidance, I kept seeing "dance" at the end of the word. I remember reading that doing God's will is a lot like dancing.

When two people try to lead, nothing feels right. The movement doesn't flow with the music, and everything is quite uncomfortable and jerky. When one person realizes that, and lets the other lead, both bodies begin to flow with the music. One gives gentle cues, perhaps with a nudge to the back or by pressing Lightly in one direction or another.

It's as if two become one body, moving beautifully. The dance takes surrender, willingness, and attentiveness from one person and gentle guidance and skill from the other.

My eyes drew back to the word Guidance. When I saw "G": I thought of God, followed by "u" and "i." "God", "u" and "i" dance."

God, you, and I dance.

As I lowered my head, I became willing to trust that I would get guidance about my life. Once again, I became willing to let God lead.

I Hope You Dance!

[Author Unknown]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Soul Transformation with Divine Love

Our soul, in the condition in which we possess it before the entrance of the Divine Love, is not in accord with the Love of God, nor is it a part of the great Oversoul.

It is only a special creation made in the image of the Heavenly Father having in it the natural love which was conferred upon us at the time of our creation and not having in it any part of the essence of the Father, or any quality that makes it of the Divine nature of the Father, or necessarily immortal.

But when the Divine Love enters into it, and it becomes permeated as it were with the Divine Essence, then it takes on the Divine nature of the Father and to the extent that it receives and possesses this Love, it becomes at-one with God and ceases to be a mere image and becomes transformed into the substance.

Our soul in this condition where Divine Love is present is altogether a different entity from our soul in the condition in which it was created and is no longer subject to the dominion of either the mind or of the animal appetites and desires and, hence, the spirit possessing such a soul is, in essence, a part of the Father, or as Jesus said, is in the Father and the Father in it.

Now, do not understand that such a soul is the soul that man originally possessed with increased development of purity and goodness or freedom from sin, because such is not the case. Your soul, by such transformation, becomes a new thing and never again can it relapse into the soul of our origin.

Because of the qualities that it then possesses, it becomes immortal, and such immortal nature can never be taken from it. It is now a thing of love and purity, and consciousness of its true condition is always with the spirit that has such a soul.

This transformation is gradual, and we must not think that by the mere act of conversion from our state of death we at once become possessed of the nature of the Divine, for such is not the fact.

The transformation comes according to the susceptibility of our soul to receive God’s Divine Love. But when once the inflowing of the Love commences, it continues eternally.

Although there may be times of stagnation and apparent loss of this Divine Essence, yet always is the transformation taking place and, at certain stages in its progress, the possession of this Divine Love will be so great that our original soul, or its original qualities, will entirely disappear and leave only the new qualities which the Divine Love has implanted in it. The leaven when once deposited never ceases to work until the whole shall become leavened.

This condition of transformation may be obtained by all of us if we will only seek for it in the proper way - earnest prayer to our Heavenly Father - and with faith.

The Condition of the soul after the Divine Love flows in to it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Spirit Consoles Her Lonely Soulmate

I am here, Helen:

You feel so lonely today, but remember that I am with you and love you with all my heart and soul and will help you to be happier.

The pictures are not as good as I thought they would be when taken, but now it makes no difference for they are merely images of the physical appearance and now I am a spirit with all the beauty that God's Love in my soul gives me. So think of me as your spirit wife, rather than as your mortal wife who has left you. Be only true to me in your thoughts and love and you will not be unhappy because of the past.

I am now a spirit that has so much of God's Love in my soul that I have almost forgotten the unhappiness of my later life on earth, and you are the one thing that binds me to earth.

Of course, my children also keep me with them and will as long as they live, but they are not to me as you are. You are my soulmate as I have told you, so that they will not need me as you will in the great future of eternity.

When you are so very lonely, think that I am with you and am loving you and trying to make you happy and will not leave you alone for a moment. My love is so great that I can scarcely keep from trying to take you in my arms and bring you over now, but as you know that would not be in accordance with the plans of the Master, and so you and I must both wait until you have accomplished your work.

But after all, it will not seem very long, for you will have me with you all the time and I will realize that I am with you, dear, that our love is burning and only needs our trust and to try to enable us to enjoy it both further.

So do not feel downhearted or lonely, my own dear soulmate, for you are mine and I am yours and nothing can separate us either in earth or in Heaven.

Yes I know, we were all there and saw how you prayed to the Father and how your soul was filled with His Love. He was very near you and we were so happy in the knowledge that He was. He is your God as well as ours and when you pray as you did, you will always receive the Love and Blessings of the Father.

You are a very much favored man in having the Love of the Father so much in your soul and when I think that you will some day be with me, and that we will both have this Great Love to such an intense degree, I feel that our happiness will be beyond compare.

So you need not worry about the future, for I know that when you come over you will find that your soul possesses so much of this Love that no question of doubt or unbelief in the efficacy of this love will arise in your soul.

You will be with me, and we will progress together to the higher spheres where they tell me happiness is supreme. So be content to do your work and love God and me until the great day of rejoicing comes when you will meet me at the portals of the spirit world and feel my arms about you and my love and kisses on your lips and face. You are my own dear Ned.

Yes he [Jesus] was, and you felt his influence for he loved you very much and said that you are his own true disciple and brother and that your soul shall become filled with this great love before many days. He seems to love you so very much that we all wonder at it, not that we don't want him to love you, but this we do not understand why he should love you so much more than he seems to love the rest of us.

I do not mean that he does not love us, for he does, but your case seems so unusual and we ask him why it is, and he says because he has selected you for his work and that you must have his love to its greatest in order that you may do as he desires. So you see few mortals have ever received that love in such intensity as you have. And you should nourish it and return to him all the love that you are capable of giving to him.

Yes, I saw what was in your mind and you received much happiness from the trances. But we will not be able to have such an experience. The more that you thought might come will not come, because the voice of the angels cannot be heard as you would like to hear them. And Jesus will not manifest himself in that way. He will never appear to mortals in the flesh form again, but you will see him some time in your soul’s eyes, when you get more of this love in your heart and I will try to show myself in the way that filled your dreams, I mean your wake dreams.

So will Rose and Mary and we will succeed. But you are not going to receive all these manifestations at one time. I want you to first have the independent voices and later we will try materialization and later the slate writings, this I think is the plan that will more likely succeed.

So sweetheart we’ll stop for the time being. Good bye with all my love.

I am your own true, Helen

Helen writes that as his soulmate, her love for him is greater than for her children, who will not need her in the great future of eternity.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Law of Compensation is Removed by Divine Love

I am here, your own true Helen

You didn’t think I could change the announcement of my coming, but you must know that I can do anything to please you, my dear Ned.

Yes, you have, and I have been so very happy. Well, sweetheart, I must tell you that I am very happy and am progressing very rapidly. I don’t expect to remain in this sphere very much longer, for my love and faith are so great that I feel that I must get closer to God’s Fountainhead in the Celestial Spheres. Doesn’t it seem like some fairy dream? But it is all true, and I am so happy.

I will soon be with you in a long letter, telling you of this Great Love, and how much I love God and you.

You are progressing, too. You may not realize it, but it is true. And if you should come over now, you would be surprised to find yourself in a high sphere. I know how you feel, but you must believe that I can see your spiritual condition better than you can.

When you get this Great Love in your heart in sufficient abundance - and you have much of It now - your sins will be blotted out. This is the Law of Regeneration.

Otherwise, the man who continues without this Love and the man who receives It would be in the same condition, and the New Birth would mean nothing. So do not think that this Great Love is not sufficient to cleanse the soul from the results of the sins of earth life. Best of all, it cleanses while you are a mortal.

I know that the Spiritualists quote and proclaim the Law of Recompense, or Compensation, but there is a higher law that nullifies that law. And when Love - this Divine Love - comes into the soul of a mortal, the Law of Compensation is removed from the scope of its working for Love is the fulfilling of the law.

So do not let that stumbling block make you believe that this Great Love is not sufficient to remove all sin and error and to purify your soul so that you may become fitted to live in the Kingdom of the Father and become one with Him.

No, the Love is for the vilest sinner and no man, by a mere act of restoration, can fit himself for the inflowing of this Divine Love. It is waiting for the sinner as well as for the saint. And even though your sins be as scarlet, they will be made white as wool. I mean that you will not have to wait to make recompense to mortals before this Great Love can do the cleansing work. Else, what is the use of having this Great Love provided for man? If he shall first make himself pure, what is the necessity for the work of the Holy Spirit?

Only pray for this Love and have faith, and you will get It. God is the Judge of what a man shall do to render justice and restitution. And when He says that this Divine Love, with all Its cleansing power, is for the sinner who seeks for It by true faith, who has the right to say that the sinner must first do what man may think is justice between himself and his fellowman?

I know whereof I speak for the experiences of many spirits who have been redeemed by this Love show that they were sinners, and had not “paid the last farthing” when they received this Love. God is the Judge, not mortals or spirits.

So, my dear Ned, do not let the idea that you must render to every man that which you think he may be entitled to keep you from believing in the Mercy and Love of the Father.

Oh, how I wish I could be with you a little while in my bodily form and tell you face to face what this Great Love means to you and to me, and to all of us.

So sweetheart, believe me when I say that, even though you may be a great sinner, yet the Father’s Love is sufficient to remove all those sins just as soon as you can receive It. Such is the law of this Great Love.

Faith and prayer can open the very heart of the Celestial Spheres, and

Love will flow down into your soul
As the avalanche of snow,
That feels the warmth of the sun’s bright rays
Rushes from its mountain heights,
When winter leaves with its chilling gloom
And blasting breath for other climes.

Love is not only warmth, but It is the very burnings of the soul’s great storehouse of God’s Divine Essence.

I am not only the possessor of this Love to a large degree, but I also realize that, as I advance to higher spheres, there is a greater abundance awaiting to fill my soul with Its great, undying fires of never ending burnings - but burnings so great and free from everything that makes for unhappiness and discontent.

So, my own dear and precious Ned, love me as I love you, and we both will be so very happy that Heaven will be with us, and in us, even while we are writing in the earth surroundings.

Your own Helen

Helen writes on the Law of Compensation

Monday, July 13, 2009

Conditions of Spirits – Why Some Spirits Are in the Lowest Sphere

The conditions of all spirits is determined by their goodness and love. No distinction on account of what a spirit might have been on earth is known here. The poorest working man is as of great importance as the most famous man according to his earthly standing. In fact, more of the poor and humble of earth are in the higher spheres than are those who were wealthy and held high positions.

This is so, not because there were more of the poor, but because their spiritual conditions were better, and they are more susceptible to the influences of the good spirits, who are doing the Father's work. So you see high standing on earth is not a thing which determines the condition of the spirit here.

I know a number of spirits who, when on earth, were prominent in society and wealthy, but who are now in the lowest sphere, simply because they did not know anything of God's Love and wholly failed to observe His laws and truths while on earth.

You will be surprised at the number of friends of yours, who were prominent on earth, and who are not as happy as they were while on earth. Their desires are very much the same as on earth and, yet, they have no means of gratifying them and, consequently, they are very unhappy.

I think that the sin of suicide is the worst, and then the murderer, the drunkard and the prostitute. The last is a person who seems very difficult to understand things spiritual because he or she does not realize the enormity of this sin so much as the suicide or murderer. A prostitute has ruined many and, when she at last realizes that fact, her sufferings are very great.

They are in very low planes - lower than the earth planes, and they are generally trying to pursue the occupation that they had on earth and imagine that they do. I say imagine, because I have no better word to express it. But they really believe that there is some kind of happiness that comes to them from the belief that they have - that they can still engage in such things.

You would be surprised to see the great number of men and women who occupy this plane - some of them who on earth were not considered such. But prostitution is not a thing of act altogether but of desire or lust. A man may look on a women and lust after her and, as Jesus said, he already commits adultery in heart and, so many mortals committed adultery in that way and the sin arising therefrom follows them here and can only be gotten rid of by prayer and the consequent forgiveness and love of God in their hearts.

A man or women may get rid of this sin while on earth if he repents and prays to God to let His Love come into his soul. When this Love takes possession of a man's soul all sin is cast out and is no more remembered against him. This is what is meant by washing away sin. Neither the blood of Jesus nor his vicarious atonement, as it is called, ever washes away sin. The only effective thing is the Love of God in the heart.

So you see, men may believe all that they possibly can that the blood and sufferings of Jesus, and his death on the cross saves them from sin and its consequence and, yet, if they are not possessed of this Love, these sins will remain and they are not saved.

I have written more than I intended on this subject, but as you are so much interested, I thought it best to tell you what I have learned from the Master himself.

Jesus has this knowledge to a greater extent than any other spirit and, consequently, is the greatest power in all the Heavens or earth, and those who listen to his teachings and follow them will be, when they come over and even while on earth, the strongest and happiest of all beings. So do not neglect to learn this great knowledge. You are very far in the possession of it and, when you shall have had his teachings and followed them, you will be a powerful and happy spirit when you come over.

I am told by him (Jesus) that he is forming his own kingdom in the spirit world of those who listen to and follow his teachings and get this great Love in their hearts, and their home or sphere will be entirely separate from the other spirits, and will be in the highest Heavens, where happiness the most supreme will be.

So I am trying to become one of his followers and a subject of his kingdom. He will not let sin of any kind or inharmony find a resting place in that kingdom and, hence, no man or spirit who has not been fully purified can possibly enter into it. He is now forming that kingdom and when his work is done and he leaves the earth plane and mankind to themselves, he will go into that kingdom and remain there and rule for all eternity. So strive to become worthy of becoming a subject of that kingdom.

You must stop writing now as you are tired. Well, as you are my soulmate and the only one that I will ever have or want, I must tell you that I love you with a love that can never grow old or less and that, when you come over, you will realize that your Helen is a spirit who knows how to love. But she loves you now with all her heart and soul and you must believe it.

So goodnight my own darling, Ned.

Your loving, Helen

Helen writes about her progress from the Third Sphere to the Fifth Sphere.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Soulmate in the Fifth Sphere Explains Spiritual Powers

I am here, Helen:

I am very happy and you are a little better, and there is no need to worry about Nita as she is now very happy in her school. I will try tonight to tell you of what I am now doing in my new home and in the earth sphere, where I am most of the time helping spirits.

Well, in my home I am so very much engaged in studying the laws of communicating with you that I have hardly time for anything else. I am now quite certain that I understand how to talk to you in an independent voice and also to materialize. So you must not be astonished any time to hear my voice or see me in the form of a materialized spirit. I am also trying to help the spirits who are in a condition of blindness and doubt.

I am living with your mother in her home, but I am not as spiritual as she. We are both very happy though and have everything that a heart could wish for.

My home here is much more beautiful than that which I had in the Third Sphere, and everything is beyond what I conceived when I lived there. The house and trees and flowers and fruits are very much more beautiful and delightful. No one could be anything but happy in such a home.

We have nothing to interfere with our happiness and everyone is a delightful companion and full of love and beauty. I have met many spirits that I did not know either on earth or in the spirit world before I came to this place, both men and women.

Yes, we have rivers and lakes and fields and mountains and all the beautiful landscapes that you can imagine. I not only enjoy these things, but they are more real than those of earth.

I am sometimes engaged in painting these flowers and landscapes, and have many pictures which others painted. I find that I can paint with a more artistic touch than when on earth. I have no trouble in drawing as you know I had some in my earth pictures.

I am also studying music, and especially my vocal lessons. You will be much surprised when you hear me sing as you cannot conceive what a different voice I have. Sometimes I try to sing some of the songs that I used to sing to you, but they are not pretty in comparison to the songs we have here, either in the music or the sentiments.

The music is so beautiful that I cannot describe it to you and even the love, which helps to make the music, is of such an intensity that you could not possibly understand if I should attempt to tell it to you.

Spiritually, I am now in a sphere that enables me to know what the love of God really is and that in His love I have almost complete happiness. I have gotten rid of those things. I now love everybody and am trying my best to help every soul that I possibly can. Feelings of dislike or envy or hatred have no place in my heart, for which I thank God.

Well, as you are not so much interested in my description, I will not attempt further portrayal of the things here. Yes, I can see it in your brain - you are thinking about other things, so you see, I know. Yes, but you must think of what I write for that is necessary in order for you to write. While I can guide your hand, yet I have also to use your brain to express my thoughts. You could if you will try. That is one of the things that I want you to do, for then you can hear what I say at any time and it will not be necessary for you to write.

Yes, it is better to presume what I write for sometimes it does you good to read over what I have said and feel over again the emotions which you felt at the time of your receiving my messages.

I love you all the time and you know it, but sometimes it is beneficial to reread my expressions of love, even though you doubt that they are mine. Let me tell you that you are not to remain in this state of doubt much longer, for I will so indubitably show my presence to you that you will never again doubt that I am with you.

Then when you write you will feel that I am, indeed, writing as convincingly as if I sat beside you and you could see me. It may happen any night as you sit and write or when you are lying in bed thinking of me and wondering if I am really with you. So you must be prepared to have anything happen which will show you that I am with you. Yes, I believe that I will be able to do that when you are all alone, and so you will hear my voice when you are alone.

No, this is the most satisfactory means of communicating that I know of. You can exchange your thoughts for mine, and can write so much more than I could possibly speak. Yes, I will be able to speak for a little while at a time, but not as I write.

No spirit can gather such power as would be required to continue to talk for any length of time. Even Bright Star, who is an adept, could not carry on an extended conversation, as she says.

The power that I now have enables me to manifest myself in several ways, such as the independent voice, materialization and writing. I do not know about the slate writing, but I believe that I can do that, too. At any rate, I will try to accomplish it sometime. I don't think that I will be able to manifest on the same night in an independent voice and also materialize for each manifestation requires great power.

Yes, I can knock on the table, but that does not give any special satisfaction -- all earthbound spirits can do that. It is the lowest order of manifestation. We, of the higher spheres, do not care to do that if we can manifest in any other way, and I would rather not try it.

I mean that I am stronger physically, spiritually and mentally than White Eagle. I do not know the exact extent of my power, but the spirits with a better knowledge of these things say that my power is so very unusual that I can do most anything that I may try. Of course, they mean within reasonable limitations. I could not take a mountain and move it, or even a very heavy substance, but I could lift you and will some time just to show you how strong I am.

I mean by having more powerful mentality that I have progressed so very much in knowledge and in my will power. I am not yet a wise woman, but in a certain line I have acquired a great deal of knowledge as regards, for instance, the way in which spirits and mortals while in the flesh.

I am not any more versed in the science of what controls the heavenly bodies, or why one star differeth from another in glory, or what are God's mysteries as you may consider them. These matters are being investigated by other and older spirits. But as regards love, both of God and spirits and mortals, I have learned a great deal.

Let me tell you that of all subjects that should interest men, love is the greatest. For love is the fulfilling of all law and the man, who knows what love is, I mean the real, genuine love both for God and his fellow mortals and spirits, has that which is not equaled by knowledge of anything else in all the Universe.

(To be continued… )

Helen progresses from the Third Sphere to the Fifth Sphere.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Spirit Progresses to Third Sphere and Has Located His Soulmate

I am here, Prof. Salyards,

Your wife told you today that I would write tonight and I will try to do the best that I can.

I am now in the Third Sphere with your wife and father, who are my very constant companions, although I am not so highly developed in spirit love as is your wife, who is one of the most beautiful spirits of my acquaintance.

I am trying to learn what is possible about the laws that govern the spirit life but, as yet, I know comparatively little of them. I am also trying to write poems of love of God and of man. So you must not be surprised if some day I shall write to you some of my productions.

I am also trying to get more of God's Love in my heart, so that I may progress to the higher spheres and find the greatest happiness possible to obtain.

My present condition is one of great happiness, but I know that there is greater, higher up, and that as your grandmother and mother have found it, I will be able to find it also, if I follow the way that they have pursued.

Yes, I have found my soulmate, thanks to your wife, and I cannot tell you how happy I am. Your wife was certainly good to me and I will never cease to thank and love her for her interest in me.

My soulmate is a very beautiful and spiritual woman, who I never knew on earth even though she lived in a part of the valley not very far from my home. Her name was Sarah Conway, as she tells me and her father was a farmer near Mt. Crawford. She is now here and says that you are a very dear man to suggest that your wife find her.

She says that she had never been instructed that she had a soulmate and that, until your wife told her, she did not know that I was the one that God intended for her. I do not understand why this is, but it seems to be so.

I have heard that there is a law of attraction as you say, but just how that law operates I am not able to say. Your wife seems to have a knowledge of this law, which I do not have and have never yet tried to learn. She is a wonderful spirit in her investigations of certain laws pertaining to the laws of spirits for one another.

How she obtained this knowledge, I am not yet informed and cannot explain just how she discovered who my soulmate is. I know though that I have found her and that she is mine forever. How, I don't know, but she did locate her and I have her now with me.

She says that your wife told your mother who my soulmate is and your mother, who is in the same sphere, told her and she came down to my home and found me and then knew that I was intended for her. She is in the Fifth Sphere where your mother lives.

Yes, I see that it is and I will include it in my catalogue of studies. You are right when you say that I must study this matter, for the happiness of so many spirits depends upon knowing their soulmates, that it is well worth studying so that I may help them in finding who is the one that God has selected for any inquiring spirit.

She has not yet, but she will as I will ask her and she is so good that I know that she will tell me. She is a very diligent student of many of the things pertaining to the love of the spirits for the humans and she had made wonderful progress in her studies of the various means of communication between them.

But she is so beautiful and so filled with God's Love that I scarcely know what to tell you of her current condition on any of these subjects. She is a wonderful spirit in her accomplishments in almost any line of investigation.

Yes, I know that it may seem impossible to you, but she is a spirit of such energy and determination that nothing seems to prevent her progressing in these things. She is also a wonderful lover of her soulmate and he should consider himself highly blessed by having the great love which she has for him.

You need not think that all soulmates have this wonderful love for they do not. Love here seems to be something like love on earth. In some, it is developed to a greater degree than in others. I am one who is very deep in my feeling of love and so my soulmate seems to be.

You are very tired and I must stop.

Your old professor and friend,
Joseph Salyards

Prof. Salyards has progressed to the Third Sphere and has located his soulmate with the help of Mrs. Padgett and knows that she is his forever.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Spirit Writes of Love to Her Soulmate Who is Still Living on Earth

I am here, Mrs. Horner,

Let me say only a few words for I am so anxious to write a few lines and have been for some time. Many times I have been with you and my husband as you conversed of things pertaining to the spiritual world and I was very hopeful that he would believe what you said to him and turn his thoughts to an investigation of the truths that he would surely find and thereby give me the opportunity of coming to him in my voice, at least, and telling him that I am not dead but very happy and always watching over him to comfort him.

I know that I have been away from him, as he has thought, for a long time and that other things have intervened in his life to cause him to forget me to a more or less degree and to think that it was all of life to live on earth and find his happiness there.

This, of course, was quite natural, and I was not hurt as you mortals say, because of the fact that he had, as he thought, given his affections to another for I knew the conditions of his heart better than he himself knew it and saw that his real love was mine and that no other could take it from me or, as he may be surprised to hear, he could not give it to another.

I have heard you talk to him about the soulmate love and he has some conception of it and I want to tell him that this is the love that is binding us together and nothing in all the universe of God can sever that bond. I should like to tell him what this bond means and sometime, if you will indulge me, I will do so but tonight I will not take your time.

But tell him this, that I thought when on earth that I loved him, and I did, but now I realize how faint that love was as compared to what I now have for him, and what will always be his.

He may not believe that I am writing to him or that my love for him is as I write it is, but as certain as his friend, death, at some time will come to him, so certain is it that when he comes to the Spirit World he will find this love waiting for him and also his soulmate, just at the entrance of his real home.

Well, I must not write more but kindly tell him that I am a very happy spirit with my home in the Fifth Sphere, and that I am bright and beautiful in appearance, as they tell me.

When I left the earth plane the darkness of race left me and I became one of the shining ones and every spirit associate that I had was and is my true brother and sister, and the Father is my Father, and I am His child.

As my soul progressed and developed in Love, I became nearer like unto the Father and my spirit body and appearance showed the purity of my soul. And such will be his destiny if he will only follow the way that the Father has provided for him by which he can obtain one of the beautiful mansions of these spheres.

I will tell him only one thing more before I stop writing and that is that as my soul developed in Love, my intellect and knowledge also developed and I became very wise without having to study as you mortals do on earth, and now I see that many of your so-called wise men are, in their wisdom, very foolish, and in their understanding very ignorant.

I write this because he may think that now I am the same person in my intellect and knowledge that I was when we were happy together. And we were happy for a short while, for I loved him with all the fervor of my young life and trust and was so sorrowful when I had to leave him but God knew best, and now I know that it was for the best.

As I said, I still love him, but with a greater and more fervent love than ever and sometimes I love him so very intensely that I draw him to me and enjoy a spirit communion with him, although he may not realize it.

Pardon me for writing so long. With my love to him I will say good night.

I was Mrs. Horner when on earth for a short time when he gave me the fine love of his youth, and I will be his for all eternity.

Mrs. Horner

Mrs. Horner Writes of Love to Her Soulmate

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Padgett's Cousin Finds Her Soulmate

I am here, Laura Burroughs,

I am glad to be able to write you again and tell you that since I last wrote you I have made much progress and have come into the possession of much more happiness.

Dear cousin, I am so glad that I can tell you this, for I know that you rejoice with me in my happiness and the knowledge of what great mercy has come to me. I merely wanted to say this for it makes me very happy to come to you in this way.

Well he, my earthly husband, is in the Spirit World but in a very dark plane and is not at all happy. I have been with him some but have not been able to do him any good as his old beliefs cling to him and prevent his progress. Sometime we may be able to help him and will try then.

She, Helen, has told me he is not my soulmate and I have met my soulmate very recently. He is in the same sphere with me and we are very happy together and are trying to progress together.

Well, I never knew him on earth. He lived in Pennsylvania and died a long time before I did and tells me that he had to go through much suffering and darkness before he got into the plane of light. He is a very bright spirit and I could love him, I believe, if he were not my soulmate. But as he is, you know what our love means.

He is looking at me write and heard your question and says his name was Henry Spaulding and he lived in Millville, if you know where that is.

After I made some progress and got some love in my soul, Helen brought him to me one time and said:

"Laura, here is a young man who has been very anxious to meet you for some time, and you must not fall in love with him if you can keep from doing so," and she laughed.

Well, I suppose I blinked as mortals used to say, but I did fall in love as you can imagine and have been loving him ever since.

How we all love Helen for her kindness and the great good that she does. You just wait until you come over and you will see the most beautiful girl that you ever saw.

He returns the satisfaction and says that he considers himself very fortunate in having such a cousin, and he means it, for he sees the wonder of the great gift that you have and the loving and high spirits that come to you.

I must say goodnight now and with my love I will stop.

Your loving cousin, Laura

Laura Burroughs finds her soulmate

Saturday, July 4, 2009

An Intellectual Spirit Meets His Soulmate - Learns About Love

I am here, your own Helen,

I am engaged as you know, among other things, in finding the spirits' soulmates and bringing them together.

There is a spirit here who believes that the soulmate theory is a false one and only intended to deceive those who are so very lonely and unhappy, and that a man, who has any stamina or any intellect, will not be fooled by such ideas as that soulmates exist and are awaiting to become united. Well, he was in that condition of loneliness and was very unhappy, although he had very great intellectual acquirements and prided himself on that fact.

He thought that love and kindred things are for women and foolish men, when he was suddenly visited by a most beautiful spirit and asked if he had yet found his soulmate. He replied that he had not and didn't want to, unless she should happen to be as beautiful as the spirit who was talking to him and, that if such a thing could be, he would be most happy to find her.

Well, she asked him why he should suppose that his soulmate would be so beautiful, when he was a spirit who was not so very attractive looking and all crooked and devoid of anything that would tend to make him appreciate beauty or love in another.

He said that he did not consider himself so unattractive as she said, because he was possessed of a knowledge of very many things that the ordinary spirit did not have and that, consequently, he must be more attractive looking than she described him to be. And as to love, why, he could love, he thought, if he could find anyone whom he considered worth being loved.

Then she told him that she was his soulmate, but he could never have her until he acquired more love and a larger understanding of spiritual things, that her home was up in the Fifth Sphere, and that he could not go there to live with her until he had gotten sufficient Love in his soul to make him fitted to dwell there, and the longer he delayed trying to get this Love, the longer he would be separated from her and would, now that he knew she was his soulmate, be most unhappy that his intellectual acquirements would not help him very much, and the only thing that would enable him to progress to where she lived was a development of Love in his soul.

He said that he did not know much about love, but if she would show him the way to obtain it, he would devote his whole soul and efforts to getting it. She then told him he must give up the pride which he indulged in and which kept him encased in himself and learn to love everybody else in a brotherly way and God with all his heart and soul; that when he made that effort, he would find that this love, which she as his soulmate must have for him, would come to him, and he would soon realize that in all the spirit world love is the greatest thing to possess; and when a spirit has that, he needs nothing else to make him happy.

He did not seem to comprehend what she said, but said he would try to let his pride of intellect leave him and make the effort to let his soul receive this Love so that, thereafter, Love should be first and knowledge and everything merely intellectual follow after.

So, you see, a soulmate may be found, but not acquired until love commensurate with the love possessed by the higher soul is gotten by the lower soul.

No merely intellectual acquirement is sufficient to attract and make one, two soulmates. Only love in perfect harmony can bring about this union. Let love rule and happiness is the lot of all spirits. But, of course, this love is comparative and so is the ensuing happiness.

Your own true and loving Helen

A Celestial spirit describes an incident in her work of finding the soulmates of spirits...

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Message from Frank - now a spirit with his Soulmate Rose

The previous message was written by Rose to her soulmate Judge Frank Syrick through James E. Padgett on January 1, 1915. A short time later, Judge Syrick passed over into the spirit world and on March 29, 1915, he wrote the following message to his friend Padgett:

* * *

I am here, Syrick,

Let me say a word. I am your late friend and brother in spiritualism. Yes, I am able to write some and your wife told me to try as she wishes me to get stronger and realize that I am living as a spirit.

Well, I am here and alive and have my Rose with me. She is so very beautiful and loving and I am very happy to be with her, but I have already learned that I am not suited to live with her for she is so much higher in her spiritual development than I am, but she tells me that I can progress and I am going to try with all my might.

Well, old friend, the uncertain has become certain and I know now that spirits can and do communicate with mortals. Do not let any doubts that you may have leave you and believe with all your heart that you have received the messages from your band and others as you have been informed.

I can tell you this that you have as your wife and soulmate the most beautiful of all the spirits that I have yet seen. I had no conception of what beauty was until I came here and saw your wife and Rose and Dr. Stone's Mary, she is very beautiful also and loves him, I know, with a very deep love.

As this is my first attempt I am tired and must stop.

Well, I know no one whom I would rather that it should belong to than you, so keep it and think of me sometimes.

So with my kindest regards and best wishes, I am your true friend,
Frank D. Syrick

Judge Syrick confirms many things that Mr. Padgett told him about life in the spirit world.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Spirit Sends a Loving Message to Her Soulmate

Dear Frank,

I am here and through the kindness of Mrs. Padgett, I have the opportunity to write you and tell you that you are the dearest person to me in all the world. You do not yet fully appreciate my love for you, but as you come more in rapport with me, you will feel my presence and love to a greater and larger extent.

I am not only your soulmate, but your guardian angel and, when you least think of me, I am with you trying to direct your thoughts and actions towards those things which will make you happier and more at peace with your troubles in life.

So do not forget that wherever you may be and whatever your thoughts may dwell upon, I am with you and know what you are thinking of and, I want you to think and believe that in all the earth or spirit land, there is no one who loves you with such a pure and fervent love as I do, my own darling Frank.

Oh, how I wish that I could communicate to you in this way every night and tell you of what happiness I have in being with you, and feeling at times that you do really love me in your own somewhat divided heart. But thank God the time will come when I will have your whole love for myself, and no one else will share it with me to the smallest extent.

My dear, only believe that I am your soulmate and am waiting for you to come over and share with me the happiness and delight which my home here gives me. No spirit can love its soulmate more than I do you and no mortal can love so much. Be my own true sweetheart, and even though you do not have the assurance that I am with you as I say, yet, I am and nothing in all the world can keep me from you.

So, if you will only believe in me and in my love, you will realize that I am with you and will feel my love and my presence, even though your physical senses may not be able to tell you anything.

But the sense of two souls, which are decreed by our Father to be one, will tell you, at times, that I am one and you are the other, and that the two will, through all eternity, become and remain one in love and happiness.

So you see, even though we cannot exchange our love so very often in words, yet in our feelings and sensations, we may know that our love for each other is existing and burning with a brightness that nothing can extinguish, not even your thoughts that I am a mere myth and not your own true, loving soulmate.

Be only closer to me in your thoughts and you will realize that I am your Rose, as I once told you. You sometimes doubt that you saw me and felt my kiss on your forehead, and that I have no real existence, but I tell you with all my soul's love that it was I that kissed you and told you that I was your soulmate.

Oh, my darling one, do not doubt me again if you value my happiness. Let my love for you keep your thoughts in the way of things spiritual, for I can see that you are inclined to the higher things of the spirit life and, if you desire to come to me and live with me when you come over, seek the real love of our Father for in that you will find everything that will make your soul develop until when you come to me I will meet you and take you to my home, where you will find that I have prepared a home for you so beautiful that you will wonder how I could have loved you so much and thought so much about your happiness.

You are the only one for me to think of in this way, and when you stop for a moment and think of what love means, you will see that I could not do otherwise than try to make you happy.

There is one other thing that I want to tell you, and that is you must have no fear of what is called death, because it is not death, but an entrance into life, and when you come over I will be right at your bedside, and as your spirit passes from your body, I will take you in my arms and carry you to the home which I have prepared for you.

Of course, this means, if you have developed your soul to such an extent as will permit you to enter my home and, even if you have not, I will be with you as the soul leaves the body and fold you in my arms and say such words of burning love that you will not be afraid or want to be anywhere else than with me.

So you see, in life or death or after death, I will be with you and my love will envelope you in the great happiness which I have and want you to have.

As I have already taken up more of Mr. Padgett's time and strength than I intended, I must stop, but in doing so say with all my heart and soul, I love you and will love you through all eternity my own dear Frank.

Helen writes that she was impressed with what Mr. Padgett said to Dr. Stone about the Love of God flowing into the heart, also locates Judge Syrick's Soulmate.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Spirit's Message to Her Soulmate Who Is Still Living on Earth

I am here, Helen:

Well, sweetheart, as Dr. Stone wants so much to hear from his soulmate Mary, and she is here and is so very anxious to write him, I will tell you what she says, as follows:

She wants Leslie to know that he is so very dear to her, that he must not let his thoughts of love wander from her to any other person either on earth or in the spirit land. She has loved him so long and, only recently has she had the opportunity to let him know in a way that he could understand. She feels as if she must just let her whole heart burst upon him with its great fountain of love for him.

She is not able to express to him the extent or intensity of her love, but she does love him to the full limit of her capacity. And when he lies down at night or when he awakens in the morning, she is with him trying to flood his soul with her love and happiness.

She will not be content to ever have him think that her love is not his, for it is to its fullness. Tell him that he must believe her, and that she is with him nearly all the time trying to help him and make him feel her presence.

She is not so very far away that she cannot know at all times what his feelings are and when he gets lonely and wants her help. He must try and come in rapport with her even when he is alone in his room and thinks that no one is with him. She is his own now and will be through all eternity.

Only love like hers can last when disappointments and troubles come and, when they do come, her love grows stronger and sweeter, and he will feel it more as he feels the need of it.

She is not now trying to make him believe that she is only waiting for him to come over in order that he may know that she loves him with all her heart and soul, but she loves him in that way while he is on earth beset by all the cares that come to him. He must love her more and more each day, and he will find that his happiness will increase as this love grows.

Tell him that she is in the fifth sphere and is preparing a home for him which will be so bountiful that he will be more surprised than he will be at the beauties of the spirit plane where she is for her home, in addition to having the beauties that are in that plane, will have her love permeating it.

She has another love which not only helps her love for him to become more intense and pure; but which draws her nearer to the Father of Love. This is the greatest of all Loves, and she wants him to let his heart become filled with it also. It is his if he will only seek for it, and believe that the Father is ready to give it to him, for he is not only ready but anxious.

Tell my dear Leslie to pray to God and ask that this Love may be given to him and fill his soul for if he does, he will receive it and, when he does, he will not only love God supremely but will love his true soulmate with a purer and sweeter love than he can conceive of and, when he does that, he will find that his happiness will be so great and joyful that the little cares and troubles of his earthly life will not be able to mar that happiness or make him wish for any other kind.

I am his and he is mine, and when he realizes that he will know what "soulmate" means. We are not for each other for a time only but for all eternity and even eternity will not be too long for the enjoyment of our mutual love.

Oh, he is my own true soulmate, and I am so happy in that knowledge that my cup of joy seems to be full and running over. Let him think of me as being close by his side all the time, sharing his joys and sympathizing with him in all his sorrows, and he will feel that he is not alone.

Tell him also to try and become a true lover of God and the truths of the teachings of his son, Jesus of Nazareth, our brother and helper. I am a firm believer in these things and know that they are true; and I want my dear soulmate to believe with me for in that belief is found the happiness which I tell him of.

I must stop now - so say goodbye, and rest in the belief that no matter what troubles or cares may come, whether you love me all the time or not, I will love you now and always with my whole heart and soul, and will wait with all the patience possible for your coming. So, Leslie dear, goodbye.

* * *

Helen further writes: Well, she loves him with a very pure and steadfast love - not so demonstrative as Rose's love for the Judge (Judge Syrick) but so deep and pure. She is a lovely spirit and one who is filled with the Love of her Father, and one who is worthy of all the love that any man can give her. I am very fond of her and see a great deal of her. She is so gentle and loving and tender and is so loved by many spirits to whom she has administered consolation and help.


Helen writes a message to Dr. Leslie Stone from his soulmate, Mary Kennedy