Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Spirit is Helped in His Spiritual Progress by the Love of His Soulmate - Shares His Knowledge of Laws of the Spirit World

I am now so very happy in my new sphere that I cannot explain to you what that happiness means. I cannot express myself in language sufficiently strong and descriptive that you may comprehend.

But this I will say, that my happiness now transcends all conception of what happiness might be when, as a mortal, I sometimes thought of the afterlife and the happiness which might be in store for me when I passed over.

I am in the Third Sphere, but I am not contented to remain there for your mother has told me on many occasions of the far greater happiness existing in the higher spheres. I am now striving and praying for this greater happiness, and I will never be contented until I get it.

I am also happy because I have my soulmate with me so very often and her love is so great and pure that it leads me on to higher things and enables me to seek with so much earnestness the great love of the Father, which I now believe is working for me if I only will strive to obtain it and have the faith which all who have obtained to a very large degree of this love tell me of.

Your wife is in a much higher sphere and is so very beautiful and so exceedingly happy that I know that where she lives such happiness must exist.

Your grandmother is so wonderfully beautiful and filled with the love, that her very presence inspires me to believe and seek for the happiness of these higher spheres.

Well, as you want me to tell you of some of the laws of the spirit world, I will say that the one great law is that God is Love and that He is willing to bestow that love on anyone - spirit or mortal - who asks Him for it.

I am not only very happy, but I find that my mind is expanding to a great extent by reason of the love that I possess. No man or spirit can possibly be filled with this love and not have the wisdom that necessarily comes with the love.

I am not so much interested in purely mental phenomena as I was before I received this love and believed in a Father of Love and Truth, but I am nevertheless able to understand many things to a far greater degree than I could when I had merely the mental pursuits in mind.

I am not yet fully conversant with the laws of communication as I told you I would learn and instruct you in, but I know enough to be able to say that every spirit is trying to communicate with their friends on earth and why they are not able to is because the mortals are not in that condition of psychical rapport that will enable them to receive the communications of the spirits.

I do not yet know why one mortal is susceptible to these influences in such a way as to be readily understood and another mortal is not. Some spirits say that this law controlling this matter is not even understood by spirits who have been here for a great many years and who have given considerable study to the subject. But this I do know, that when the rapport exists, the communications become stronger with the exercise of the powers.

You have this power to a very large degree and, if you will continue to try to exercise it, you will find that manifestations of several kinds will be disclosed.

Your writing powers are very great and will grow as you continue to write but beside this phase you have the potential ability to have other manifestations such as independent voices and slate writing.

This latter I think will soon come to you and when it does you will get messages that will have their great value to you in convincing you that what you write in this method is written by the control of the thoughts of your friends who profess to write.

You will also get the voices very soon as I think, and when you do you will be able to converse with us in your room at night when you are alone. But I don't know of any manifestation as satisfactory to both spirit and mortal as the writing such as you are now doing, for we have the opportunity for such a greater extent of communicating and interchanging of thought.

I am perfectly delighted at the possibility given me of writing you in this way. So you must believe that I am writing to you and that all the others of your band are doing the same thing.

Your wife has more power in this regard than any of us and she does not hesitate to write you whenever you call her. She is a wonderful spirit in her grasp of spirit things and in her love for the Father. So you must not let any doubt come into your mind when she writes to you and tells you of so many wonderful things and of her love for you. She seems to love you with a love that has no limit or possibility of growing less.

(To be continued…)

Riddle has progressed to a new sphere and is now seeking more help to further his spiritual progress.

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