Monday, July 13, 2009

Conditions of Spirits – Why Some Spirits Are in the Lowest Sphere

The conditions of all spirits is determined by their goodness and love. No distinction on account of what a spirit might have been on earth is known here. The poorest working man is as of great importance as the most famous man according to his earthly standing. In fact, more of the poor and humble of earth are in the higher spheres than are those who were wealthy and held high positions.

This is so, not because there were more of the poor, but because their spiritual conditions were better, and they are more susceptible to the influences of the good spirits, who are doing the Father's work. So you see high standing on earth is not a thing which determines the condition of the spirit here.

I know a number of spirits who, when on earth, were prominent in society and wealthy, but who are now in the lowest sphere, simply because they did not know anything of God's Love and wholly failed to observe His laws and truths while on earth.

You will be surprised at the number of friends of yours, who were prominent on earth, and who are not as happy as they were while on earth. Their desires are very much the same as on earth and, yet, they have no means of gratifying them and, consequently, they are very unhappy.

I think that the sin of suicide is the worst, and then the murderer, the drunkard and the prostitute. The last is a person who seems very difficult to understand things spiritual because he or she does not realize the enormity of this sin so much as the suicide or murderer. A prostitute has ruined many and, when she at last realizes that fact, her sufferings are very great.

They are in very low planes - lower than the earth planes, and they are generally trying to pursue the occupation that they had on earth and imagine that they do. I say imagine, because I have no better word to express it. But they really believe that there is some kind of happiness that comes to them from the belief that they have - that they can still engage in such things.

You would be surprised to see the great number of men and women who occupy this plane - some of them who on earth were not considered such. But prostitution is not a thing of act altogether but of desire or lust. A man may look on a women and lust after her and, as Jesus said, he already commits adultery in heart and, so many mortals committed adultery in that way and the sin arising therefrom follows them here and can only be gotten rid of by prayer and the consequent forgiveness and love of God in their hearts.

A man or women may get rid of this sin while on earth if he repents and prays to God to let His Love come into his soul. When this Love takes possession of a man's soul all sin is cast out and is no more remembered against him. This is what is meant by washing away sin. Neither the blood of Jesus nor his vicarious atonement, as it is called, ever washes away sin. The only effective thing is the Love of God in the heart.

So you see, men may believe all that they possibly can that the blood and sufferings of Jesus, and his death on the cross saves them from sin and its consequence and, yet, if they are not possessed of this Love, these sins will remain and they are not saved.

I have written more than I intended on this subject, but as you are so much interested, I thought it best to tell you what I have learned from the Master himself.

Jesus has this knowledge to a greater extent than any other spirit and, consequently, is the greatest power in all the Heavens or earth, and those who listen to his teachings and follow them will be, when they come over and even while on earth, the strongest and happiest of all beings. So do not neglect to learn this great knowledge. You are very far in the possession of it and, when you shall have had his teachings and followed them, you will be a powerful and happy spirit when you come over.

I am told by him (Jesus) that he is forming his own kingdom in the spirit world of those who listen to and follow his teachings and get this great Love in their hearts, and their home or sphere will be entirely separate from the other spirits, and will be in the highest Heavens, where happiness the most supreme will be.

So I am trying to become one of his followers and a subject of his kingdom. He will not let sin of any kind or inharmony find a resting place in that kingdom and, hence, no man or spirit who has not been fully purified can possibly enter into it. He is now forming that kingdom and when his work is done and he leaves the earth plane and mankind to themselves, he will go into that kingdom and remain there and rule for all eternity. So strive to become worthy of becoming a subject of that kingdom.

You must stop writing now as you are tired. Well, as you are my soulmate and the only one that I will ever have or want, I must tell you that I love you with a love that can never grow old or less and that, when you come over, you will realize that your Helen is a spirit who knows how to love. But she loves you now with all her heart and soul and you must believe it.

So goodnight my own darling, Ned.

Your loving, Helen

Helen writes about her progress from the Third Sphere to the Fifth Sphere.

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