Friday, August 21, 2009

A Divine Angel Helps Her Soulmate Get Out of Darkness

I am here, Caligula,

I was the Roman Emperor and the murderer of the Christians, and have since that time, and for my sins, suffered all the horrors of a Hell which I can't describe.

Suffice it to say that the Hell of the Bible, or of those who interpret the Bible, is not equal in its torments and horrors to the Hell that I passed through. I tell you this that you may know that every man will have to pay the penalties for the evil deeds he does when on earth, and as my deeds were so extremely evil my penalties were correspondingly great.

But, thank God, I have paid my penalties and am now enjoying the happiness of the Christian Heaven, for I am now a follower of that Jesus, whose followers I persecuted.

Strange as it may seem to you, the cause of my conversion to Christianity was one of the very Christians whom I murdered. She was a beautiful spirit when I first saw her in the spirit world, and when she came to me and told me of the great love of the Father, and the kindness and humility of the Master, I was then in much darkness, though I had suffered for many long years and my thoughts were commencing to turn to things that ultimately helped me to get out of my darkness and find relief from my sufferings.

But this Christian spirit came to me with such love and forgiveness in her speech, that I was greatly affected by what she said and by her appearance, and I listened to her as she told me of the wonderful love of the Father and the great desire of the Master that I should seek for that love and the happiness which it brings to spirits who obtain it.

She had many interviews with me, and at last, she told me that her happiness depended, to some extent, on my getting this Divine Love in my soul, and progressing with her to the sphere of light and love. She said that I was her soulmate and that my love was necessary for her happiness, and that I could not give her that Love until I had become the possessor of the Divine Love to some extent. So you can imagine what an effect this declaration had on me.

I saw that she was beautiful and pure and loving, and that I was not a fit soulmate for her, and that I must try to make myself a suited soulmate in order that I could be with her. And, in addition, when she told me of her love for me, and that we were necessary to each other's happiness, I had a most wonderful longing to be with her and enjoy her love, and the desire soon took possession of me, that I commenced to inquire the way by which I might get this great love, or start to get it, and she told me then of the love of the Master, and how he could teach me the way and what power he had to help spirits like myself to get out of the darkness and torture into light and happiness.

And so I continued in my longings and desires, until at last, my spirit seemed to have a power to rise out of the darkness and to meet other spirits who were not dark and forbidding as I was.

She often came to me and taught me to pray, and I did pray and ask forgiveness and for just a little of that Divine Love of which she had told me.

At last as I was praying and hoping for this Love and for deliverance, the Master came to me, and such a wonderful loving spirit he was, the most beautiful and loving and yet the most humble that I had ever seen or ever have seen, and he commenced to tell me of this wonderful love of the Father, and how it was working for me to fill my soul and make a child of God, and at-one with Him, and he told me that the only things necessary were for me to pray to the Father and have faith and in all earnestness repent of my great sins. That if I did so, the Love would come to me, and as it came into my soul all the sins and recollections of my sins would leave me so that I would be able to progress to a higher sphere where light and love were.

I could not resist his influence, and I did not want to for my soulmate was with me in her love, with pleading eyes and anxious looks, and I commenced to have this faith, and to pray with all the earnestness of my soul and, at last, light came to me and love came flowing into my soul and what a happy spirit I became, and thanked God for his mercy. My soulmate rejoiced with me and we were so happy in our loves and in the great love of the Father.

From thence, I have been progressing ever since, until now I am in the Celestial Spheres, where love is the ruling principle and only those who possess this Divine Love can live, and where Jesus is our Prince and elder brother.

Caligula, the Emperor, is now a humble follower of the despised Nazarene and happy in his humility and in his following of such a loving saviour.

My soulmate is with me, and whenever I look upon her and think that I was the cause of her sufferings and death upon earth, my whole soul goes out to her in great streams of love and she knows it, and that is a part of my great repentance.

So you see, that even though a man may be the vilest of sinners on earth, yet the Father's Mercy is so great that His love is never turned away, or is His mercy ever withheld.

I tell you that Love - the Father's Love - is the greatest thing in all the universe, and like unto it is the pure, holy love of the soulmate who has in her soul the great Love of the Father.

I must not write more tonight, but as I was passing I saw the brilliant light that is with you and I embraced the opportunity to write.

My friend, you must also thank God for his goodness to you, for I have seen your soulmate and she is a most beautiful spirit.

So with the love of a brother in Christ, I am your friend, Caligula the Roman Emperor that was, and the Christian that is.

Caligula, a Roman Emperor and murderer of Christians, finds his soulmate

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Description of the Beautiful Features of a Spirit

I am here, Mother,

I am the mother of your friend, and want to tell him how glad I am that I can be with him and make known to him my presence and the fact that though his mother is a spirit, yet she can be with him and feel for him all the love which she had for her boy while on earth. He must not doubt that his mother is here, for she is, and has been with him many times when you were writing and has sent him some tokens of her love through his soulmate, Mary.

Why, Leslie, she, I mean your Mary, was a little English girl, and when on earth did not live many miles from your home and, if it had been intended, you two could easily have met when you were very young. But, of course, you might not have known of the fact that you were soulmates.

I want to tell you now that Mary is a real, existing spirit, who was once a little English girl, and is all beauty and goodness, and is waiting here for you to come to her and when you do you will not find some shadowy unsubstantial thing of air, but a real live, beautiful spirit with form and features perfect and well-defined and full of animation and pink roses on her cheeks, and hair all dark and glossy, and blue eyes, and a mouth like cupids, and teeth, as you would say, like ivory.

She is not a very demure little girl either but is full of life and love and happiness.

I tell you all this that you may form some idea of her, and be able to see her, to some extent, in your mind's eyes as you mortals say. And more than all, she is so pure and good and is loved by every spirit with whom she comes in contact.

I will add that my prayers for you go out to the Father, and my faith that He will look after and preserve you for the better things not only of the spirit life, but of the earth life, is without a bit of doubting.

I must not write more tonight, but in concluding, I must say that you have with you all the love and blessings of a mother who loved you so much on earth. So think of me sometimes.

Your own dear and loving mother, Priscilla Stone

First formal message from the mother of Dr. Leslie R. Stone

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Spark of Soulmate Love Will Never Cease to Exist

I am here, Mary Kennedy,

I wish to write a few lines as I am so anxious to once more come into conscious communion with my soulmate.

I heard you read the letters from Helen in reference to your dream, and I want to tell my dear one that what she said as to the soulmate love between you and her applies equally to that love which is existing between Leslie and myself. I am so happy that he understands this, for such knowledge is one that must create a happiness on his part that so very few of the human race understand or have the privilege of enjoying.

Yes, our love is one that can never be taken from us and, in all the great eternity, it can never change, except to increase in intensity and beauty.

Oh, I am so happy when I think that I have a soulmate on earth who knows that he has a soulmate in the spirit world, and that he is trying to develop his soul so that when he comes to me our separation will not continue very long.

I am praying all the time that the great love of the Father may fill his soul so that it may become more and more in unison with mine and he realize, even while on earth, that it is possible to approach closer and closer to my condition of development. When he believes this, as I know he does, he is not dreaming but is believing an actual truth that nothing in all God's universe can change, and only he, himself, can postpone its fulfillment.

Isn't it all wonderful that our Father should have made such provisions for poor, little, insignificant mortals, when all around are the wonderful manifestations of His power and greatness. But while we are small and many, yet to the Father, our happiness is the greatest care that there is in all His creation.

The earth and the stars and suns may pass away and cease to exist, but that one little spark of soulmate love will never cease to exist, no not through all eternity and we, who have this love, when joined in unity will live and know that as to it the decree of the Father is that it shall never die, but in all the long ages grow brighter and deeper and more like the love of the Father.

I am happier tonight than I can tell you of, and my love for Leslie is greater than ever before, and growing all the time, and with this knowledge there comes to me the consciousness that his love is becoming mine to a greater degree than ever.

Then why shouldn't we, as a mere personal matter, thank and praise the Father for His goodness and loving provisions, which we have been so specially privileged in receiving, and not only receiving, but knowingly.

I feel tonight that I could write him many pages on this subject, but I must not consume too much of your time. So let me say just one word more. Whether he is sleeping or awake, I am with him in my love and enjoying every thought that he sends to me and only crave that his thoughts of me become more frequent and his desire to have me with him increase and never cease.

This may seem selfish, but when you consider that there is none other who can give me this love, and none other who has the love which is a part of me, and which only, outside the Father's love, can make me so supremely happy, you will not think me selfish.

Well, I must stop for tonight. But I will be with him and go home with him and remain with him until he goes to sleep and, sometime in the near future, I hope that I may have him come to me again in his spirit as he did before, when we enjoyed an hour of such great happiness and joy.

Thanking you and with my love to him, I will say goodnight,


Mary Kennedy writes that earth, stars and suns may pass away, but a spark of soulmate love will never cease to exist.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Spirit's Message About the Love-Making Scene of Soulmates

I am here, your Helen

Well sweetheart, we had quite a love-making scene between Mary and the Doctor, and she was so happy that she could write to him that her whole soul was filled with emotion and many tears fell on her letter, though you could not see them.

What a beautiful loving spirit she is, and how she loves the Doctor. I enjoyed the scene more than I can tell you, and when she finished her writings, she came and threw her arms around my neck and cried until I thought that she could have no tears left, but they were tears of joy.

Oh, how dear she is to me, for she seems to have a love that appeals to my love for you, and when she tells me of her great love for the Doctor, I join with her in her tears, and we both thank God that he has given us such soulmates and the great love that we have for them.

I have been with you all day trying to comfort you and help you forget the troubles of your earthly affairs and to some extent I succeeded.

You must love me more and think of me more often, for if you do you will draw me so close to you, that you will feel my love in all its power, and my presence will appear so real to you.

I heard what you said to the Doctor about giving Mary a real lip kiss, and you were right, for while he may not be able to feel her kisses, she can his, and it will make her so happy.

Notwithstanding our spirit love, we have that about us that causes us to enjoy what was a part of our earth nature.

A kiss is just as sweet. Yes, more so than when we were mortals. And you must not think that we are such ethereal, nebulous beings that we cannot enjoy a kiss, or an embrace, for we enjoy both. And as you know, many times have I hugged you until you hollered. So tell the Doctor that he can kiss his Mary just as often as he might were she in the flesh.

I must stop now. So, sweetheart, say good night.

Your own true and loving, Helen

Helen writes about the love-making scene between the Doctor and his soulmate, Mary

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Spirit Expresses Great Love For Her Dear Soulmate

I am here, Mary Kennedy,

I am so glad for the opportunity to write to my dear soulmate as it has been a long time since I wrote to him and told him of my love and happiness.

He is more dear to me than ever and, while he cannot hear me tell him so, yet every day I am with him and try to breathe into his ear the expressions of the great love which I have for him. I wish that he had the power to write as you have for if he had I believe that I would monopolize all his time in telling him how much I love him and how I long for the time to come when I can have him all to myself.

He, I know, cannot realize what a love like mine is but, thank God, in the not to distant future, I will be able to enfold him in my arms and tell him all the feelings and warmth of my soul how much I love him and how dear he is to me.

I am with him nearly all the time trying to cheer him and make him feel that he is not alone in his struggles in life and that my love for him is so great and with and in him all the time.

When he prays, I pray with him. And when he is happy, I am happy, too.

But when he is unhappy, I am not unhappy but sympathize with him and exert myself to make him realize the great love that I have for him and that I am near him.

His sorrows are only temporary and my love is eternal and my love means his happiness as well as mine. So tell him to believe with all his heart that his Mary is with him and will be with him in all his times of sorrow and joy and will try to interpenetrate his soul with her own burning and pure love which is all his and which can never be given to another.

I read his letters, which he writes at night, and for every expression of love which they contain, I have a responsive answer only more intense and more longing. Tell him not to stop writing to me for I can see what he writes and tell him, also, that he must believe that my answers are all that he would have them to be and more, too.

I must not trespass longer on your indulgence but only wish to say that I love my dear Leslie with all my heart and soul and will so love him until time and eternity shall be no more.

Oh, how I wish that I could have him see me face to face and hear my voice telling him of my great love and that he is mine and I am his.

Mary Kennedy

Mary Kennedy writes a message of love to her dear soulmate, Dr. Leslie Stone