Thursday, July 30, 2009

Divinity is of God Alone - Only He Can Bestow It on Us

I am now going to tell you of my progress in this love and happiness. When I last wrote you, I told you that I had commenced to have faith in the Father and had received some portion of His Love. Well, since then I have been praying and asking God to give me more faith and love and, as I prayed, my faith increased and, as my faith increased, more of this love came into my soul and with it an increased happiness.

So I would not stop striving until I realized that my soul was commencing to get such an inflow of this Love that it seemed that all things which tended to retard this influx were leaving me and only love and goodness were taking possession of me.

I am now very far advanced over what I was when you first commenced to talk to me of this love and I shall, through all eternity, remember and thank you for what you did for me. I was also so fortunate to have your mother and wife with me very much trying to show me the way to this truth of the New Birth and, then when your grandmother came to me, it seemed as if I could not resist the influences to seek and try to pursue.

So really when I had received enough of the spiritual awakening to realize who Jesus was, I gave him my close attention and as he continued to show me the way to the Father, I commenced to grasp the truth and believe that my salvation depended on my receiving this great love and becoming a finer and better man.

I tell you that Jesus is the most wonderful of spirits that I have seen or heard about. He is so filled with love and goodness that there seems no doubt in my mind that he is the son of the Father in the spiritual sense of the term. I mean that he is so much nearer the Father and in so much and many of his attributes that he is the only son in the sense of being at-one with the Father.

We are all sons of the Father, but there is such a difference in our spiritual conditions that the contrast between Jesus and us is so great that we can readily believe that he is the one true son and that his great love and knowledge of the qualities of the Father makes him the only begotten in a different way physically from other men, no immaculate conception or birth from the womb of a virgin. I do not believe this dogma and the Master says that it is not true for he was truly, so far as his physical being is concerned, the son of a man and woman as you or I am.

Now I am also convinced that mankind cannot be saved from their sins unless they follow the way showed them by the Master. No man can save himself and I wish strongly to emphasize the fact that man is dependent upon God for his salvation from the sins and errors of the material man. I do not mean that men have not a work to do themselves for they have.

God is willing to save them if they ask it and acknowledge that with His help, they can be saved, but unless they do ask and believe He will not interfere with these conditions. So you see, I am not only a believer in God and Jesus but also in the doctrine that men cannot save themselves.

I thought that man was sufficient unto himself when I was on earth, but now I know that he is not. Man may be comparatively happy and free from what is called sin, that is a visitation of God's laws, but that happiness is not the same nor is man's condition the same as when he gets this Divine Love from the Father.

I will not speak longer on this subject tonight but simply say that when on earth I thought that by my own exertions I might possibly become divine, yet even as a spirit I know that man is not divine and cannot become so in all eternity unless he receives this Divine Essence which comes to him in the New Birth.

Divinity is of God alone and only He can bestow it on man. Man not having this divinity cannot create it by his own efforts. So believe what I say and strive to get it, and you then succeed and become as the redeemed in the Celestial Heavens.

I must stop now for you are tired and so am I. Well, I will tell you of those things the next time I write.

So with all my love and blessing,

I am your old partner, A. G. Riddle

Riddle has progressed to a new sphere and is now seeking more help to further his spiritual progress.

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