Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Soulmate Describes her Home in the Third Sphere of the Spirit World, part one

I am here, Helen.

I am very happy for I have so much Love of God in my heart that I cannot think of anything that tends to make me unhappy.

My home is very beautiful and I am perfectly delighted with it. It is made of white marble and is surrounded by lawns and flowers and trees of various kinds. The grass is so very green and the flowers are so beautiful and variegated. The trees are always in foliage and have such beautiful limbs and leaves. I am most pleased with my home, I mean the building.

There are many beautiful pictures on the walls, and the walls are all frescoed and hung with fine coverings, and the floors are inlaid with beautiful mosaics. I have all the splendid furniture that I could possibly wish for, and my library is full of books of all kinds, especially of those that tell of God and His Love for man. You would be in your element if you could be with me.

I have beds on which I lie down, but I never sleep. We do not need sleep here; we only rest, for sometimes we get tired from our work and are greatly refreshed by lying on the beds and couches which are so comfortable that we do not realize that we are tired after lying down a little while.

I have music, such as you never heard on earth, and instruments of various kinds which I am learning to play, and I sing with all my heart and soul as the days go by. Our instruments are not like those on earth, they are not stringed instruments, but are played by our thoughts of goodness and love. We do not use fingers or lungs, but merely thoughts, and if they are pure and loving, our music is very beautiful and not discordant.

When I sing I think of you and wish that you could hear me as you did when I was with you in the body. I like "The Song that Reached my Heart," it seems to bring me more in rapport with you than any of the others, although "Sing Me to Sleep" is one that I enjoy to sing very much.

We eat fruit and nuts, but do not do so because we are hungry, but more because we enjoy the flavors so much; and we drink water, pure and sweet, as it makes us feel so refreshed when we are a little tired. Our fruit is not of the earthly kind - it is so much more delightful that I am unable to describe it to you. And the nuts are different, also, and the water is purer than what you have and is more refreshing.

Yes, it is permanent, and the house and trees and flowers are more real to me than were ever the houses and trees and flowers on earth; they are not shadowy as you may think, but are so very substantial that they never decay or grow old.

Yes, I have one selected for you now, and will make it so beautiful that you will wonder how it was possible for me to do so; there will be so much love in it that there will be no room for anything that is not in harmony with my love, and you will realize that your own Helen loves you with all the love that a soul can have for its mate.

When you are asleep, or doing something in the line of your work; then you do not need me and I am free to leave you. You must not think that I am not free to leave you when I am with you, for I am and I come to you of my own free will; but love compels and in that particular I am not free and don't want to be.

Your love for me is the greatest thing, except God's Love in all the world and without it, I would be very unhappy. You do not know how very necessary your loving me is to my happiness; and you must never cease to love me, for if you do not, I will not enjoy my home or the spirit world so much. Yes, I know, but I sometimes fear that you may forget to think of me as I want you to.

Yes, we will be together in every way and separated only while we are doing some of God's work. You will be with me in all my thoughts and I will be with you in your thoughts. Love will keep us through all eternity.

(To be continued… )

Helen describes her home in the Third Sphere.

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