Friday, June 19, 2009

A Soulmate Explains the Importance of Receiving God's Divine Love

Yes, we will love our parents and children just as much as on earth, but they will not need our love so much, as they will have their own soulmates to love them. We will visit them and be visited by them, and enjoy their society even more than when on earth.

They will love us very much, but the love that makes two souls one will exist only for the soulmates. God's Love will not interfere with that - I mean our love for God. It is of a kind that is different from our love for each other and is of a more spiritual and Holy nature.

I am so very much pleased to see that you are getting more of His Love in your heart each day, and soon you will do the work that the Master has laid out for you to do.

Yes, I am going to try to progress into the higher planes, and hope to do so as rapidly as is possible, but you may rest assured that no matter what plane I may be in, my love for you will not lessen, and I will not cease to be with you as I now am.

The life in the higher spheres without you would not be complete - you are necessary to my complete happiness. God has decreed that two soulmates are intended to make one complete whole, and they must, in order to be wholly happy and to fulfill the laws of His Love, live together forever as one. Yes, I know, because I have asked your grandmother and she has told me.

You can progress on earth just as rapidly as I can here, if you will let God's Love come into your heart as fully and as abundantly as I do; and you can if you will only pray to the Father. He does not require the child of His care to be in the spirit world in order to develop his soul.

You have the same soul now that you will have when you come here, and if you let God fill it with His Love while you are on earth, why should it not progress as much as it does here? God does not intend to wait until you come over here that He may give you the full enjoyment of His Holy Spirit. It all depends upon you.

If you truly and sincerely seek His Love, you will get it on earth just as easily as you can get it after you have thrown off the body. The Love of God coming into the soul of a man does not depend upon whether he is in the flesh or in the spirit.

All souls must answer for the sins done in the body, but it is not necessary that such penalties be paid in the spirit world - you can pay the penalty while on earth. As you sow so shall you reap, but the reaping is not necessarily here.

If you seek earnestly for God's grace and Love you can obtain them on earth, and I am informed that when they are obtained on earth, greater will be the progress of the spirit when it comes over. So let me pray you to seek these blessings while you are in your present life and not wait for them to be given to you after you have entered the spirit world.

Your grandmother says that she had that experience, and when she came here, she entered the third heaven, without going through a period of expiation or purification in the lower spheres. She is a wonderfully bright and pure spirit, and is very close to God, and has so much of His Love in her soul that her countenance really seems an illuminated face.

She is in a condition of almost perfect Love and peace, though she says that she is striving for a higher plane and a closer at-onement with her Heavenly Father. She is the one who can help you in your spiritual progress more than all others, except Jesus, who is the grandest and most glorious spirit in all the Heavens.

Let your thoughts be of a pure and holy kind, and you will soon realize that God's Love is in your soul to a degree that will make you feel that He is your own near and dear Father. Do not doubt His Love, or that He can come to you through the Holy Spirit, for that is His messenger of Love, and it will never refuse to come into a man's heart and soul, where the desire exists to have it come, by earnest sincere prayer for its inflowing.

To be continued... )

Helen describes her home in the Third Sphere.

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