Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Soulmate Studies Spiritual Laws - Finds Soulmates, part two

When that time comes, you won't need anyone to find your soulmate, because she will be right at the portals of the spirit world with her arms open and her heart so full of love for you, that you will know yourself who your soulmate is, without having to have someone find her for you.

Yes, I know how happy you are and you make me happy too, my own darling Ned. Oh, how you must love me to feel that way for me and I love you with all my heart and soul, too.

Dry your tears and know that for every teardrop that falls from your eyes, I have one to correspond in love and joy. Oh, how I wish that you could see me now, and then you would know that I am your own Helen and that every drop of my love is for you and no one else. So do not cry more my own dear boy. You make me so happy that I can scarcely write.

You love me now as you never loved me before and I cannot tell you how happy I am, my own sweetheart. So do not cry more but continue to always love me in this way, and you will find more happiness than you have ever known before.

I do thank God for his goodness in giving you to me and keeping you for me in all these years that we lived together and apart. But, my dear, we will never live apart again through all eternity. Be all mine in thought and desire as you are now and we will know no sorrow in the time to come, my dear boy.

Only to think that you will be mine in all the years that are before us, and that no matter what may happen in the few short years intervening, the time will soon be with us that we will have each other without any veil of flesh to separate us.

We are one now, my Ned, and you need never fear again that your Helen does not write to you. Now you know and you will never doubt again.

Bless you, my darling, for this evidence of your love for me for now, never again, will I have a thought that you are not mine.

Tell me again what you quoted. "Steeped in the luxury of tears." Oh, isn't that beautiful and how I enjoy those tears, but do not shed more now for I know that they are all for me, and that your love is all mine.

No, not now. More close than ever before. No more distance. No more feelings of separation, only one close eternal one. My dear, how can I tell you my feelings this night?

Oh night, I will never forget the happiness that you give me nor the love that comes to me from my own true soulmate. He is mine and I am his, but we cannot ever know the extent of our bliss.

Please, my darling, dry your tears, and let me stop a while. You need not stop writing for the night, only stop awhile that I may rest.

I am rested now.

Yes, that is the way that I feel too. Isn't it glorious that such love has come to us. The Father is good to us, and how we ought to love him and thank him for His goodness. So when we pray together tonight we will let our whole hearts go out to Him in thanksgiving and gratitude that He has given us so much of His love, and so much love for each other for our love must come from Him. Without Him, we would not have the love we do for each other.

You are my lover as well as my husband and no woman could ever have been loved more than you loved me tonight. So do not let us further write as I am tired.

I will be with you in your prayers and watch over your slumbers tonight and try to make you have pleasant dreams.

So goodnight my own darling Ned.

Your own Helen

Mrs. Helen Padgett is studying spiritual laws and spirit communication with mortals and describes work finding soulmates.

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