Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Truth About Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve, our first parents, were the very first soulmates.

Their real names are Aman and Amon.

God created their souls in the Heavens before He created their physical bodies, and they were born on earth at the exact same time, and were perfect, wonderful and beautiful.

They were the highest creation in all of God’s universe, and no other human beings ever existed before them.

They were spiritual beings and possessed many great spiritual gifts, and lived in a Paradise called the Garden of Eden, which God had created for them.

They were very happy in their conjugal love and had no troubles or worries of any kind, and never had anything that made them afraid, or drew them apart from each other, or from God.

They believed themselves to be all powerful and all wise and decided they did not need to be obedient to God. And they did not seek and pray for God’s Divine Love in order to become immortal and Divine, as God required of them.

They disobeyed God because they made themselves believe they could be as Great as God, and if they only exerted their powers, they would obtain the same immortality, and power, and wisdom that God has.

In their vanity, they tried to appear as Gods and tried to make it a reality.

But this exercise of their free will became their eventual undoing and they fell from grace. And with this fall came the condition of evil and sin on earth.

God’s laws of creation and the workings of His will exerted themselves and Adam and Eve then sadly discovered they were no longer spiritual beings but were now mere mortal creatures, subject to the limitations of human beings.

Their spiritual powers disappeared, and they suffered greatly for their first sin of disobedience.

After their fall, no longer could they partake of spiritual food. They had to work in the fields tilling the soil so they could satisfy their natural appetites.

Many thousands of years passed until God restored the great gift of immortality and divinity with the birth of Jesus, and he made it known to humanity.

Our first parents then followed his teachings and sought the New Birth and received God’s Divine Love in their souls.

Finally, they became God’s true children.

Adam and Eve, our Heavenly Father’s first Soulmates, now live in another Paradise called the Celestial Heavens, where Divine Love, harmony and happiness reign supreme.

Aman (Adam), the First Parent, Shares His Testimony, Eve (Amon) Did Not Seduce Adam to Do the Great Wrong

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